What NPHS students hope April showers will bring


Jurni Jackson

While it’s traditional for May flowers to come after April showers, these NP students are hoping for something different.

TOWAMENCIN- As April ends, North Penn High School students are ready for the month of May. While it might be customary to hope for May flowers after April showers, these students had some different ideas.

“Long hours of relaxation” – Senior Nikki Butler

“Positive energy as we move towards graduation” -Senior Alexis Nguyen

“Happiness” – Senior Megan Poley

“Warm weather” – Sophomore Mia Camp

“New opportunities” – Senior Molaea Goodman

“…[finishing] my senior year with a bang and [being] the best person I can be for everybody” – Senior Isaac Lambert

“The end of school” – Senior Yeokyeong Kim

“…[me passing] my AP Exams” – Senior John Pham

“Kindness” – Senior Jessica Hennigan

“Money” -Senior Natasia Ilovski

“Prosperity & new beginnings” – Senior Ashley Davis

“More sleep” – Senior Ava McKee