Top 10 Disney World Secrets the Class of 2019 Needs to Know

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As the Class of 2019 prepares to take off for Orlando in just a few short weeks, it is important to know some “insider” secrets to make your time at “The Most Magical Place On Earth” just a little more magical. I am currently preparing for my own family trip later this year, so I thought I would share some of the secrets I’ve learned along the way so you can be prepared.


-This virtually unknown event is one of Disney’s best hidden secrets anywhere in the parks. In Hollywood Studios, on days that the Fantasmic! Fireworks show is held, 8-12 common to extremely rare characters can be found in a brief meet and greet. It tends to occur between 4 and 7 p.m., but this is kept hidden, so there is no official information and the Cast Members are not supposed to give details away. When you see a crowd of people lingering near Tower of Terror, Streets of America, or Echo Lake, (The 3 locations where Characterpalooza happens most frequently) you will want to stick around.

2-Pumped Scents

-If you think you smell baked goods on Main Street, U.S.A., you are not going crazy. Imagineers have revealed that the smell of freshly baked cookies on Main Street, popcorn in other areas of the Magic Kingdom, and gunpowder on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride are pumped into the air. This extra detail is just another layer that adds to the “Disney magic”.

3-Liberty Square Bathrooms

-When admiring the Liberty Bell or Tree replicas in Liberty Square, don’t expect to run into a excessive bathroom line. In order to keep the 1700’s theme, there are NO bathrooms in Liberty Square. Don’t worry, because you can wander right on over to Fantasyland or Adventureland to use one of their many restrooms.

4- ‘13 Minute” Wait Times

-If the posted waited time at Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror is 13 minutes exactly, that means there is no wait at all!

5-Epcot Character Training

-The International Gateway between UK and France Pavilions in Epcot is a frequent spot for new characters to train themselves in the art of meet and greets. There is no way of planning when and how many characters will be available to meet, but if you time it right, some of the rarest characters in all of DIsney World have been found here!

6-Cast Member Lingo

-You may hear Cast Members use a number of unfamiliar terms. Disney CM’a are known for having their own lingo they can use to describe certain situations. Here are some examples;

White powder alert-someone is spreading ashes

Code V-someone has vomited

Code 101-a ride has been closed

Code 102-a ride has been reopened


7-The Kiss Goodnight

-If you are a night owl and stay in the Magic Kingdom after the park is officially closed(they don’t force guests out, and you can remain in lines and continue to shop after the park closes), you will likely see the Kiss Goodnight. Every 30 minutes after the park closes, the castle lights up and a message plays that consists of the recorded Magic Kingdom dedication speech with the special lighting effects playing on the Castle. After “When You Wish Upon A Star” is played, you know you have received your “Goodnight Kiss” and it’s time to quickly make your way to the exit! If that is not Classic Disney Magic, than I don’t know what is.

8-Take Advantage of Fastpass and Single Rider Lines

-Despite how advertised it is, you would be shocked how many people don’t utilise Fastpass! You can book Fastpasses 60 days before your vacation is scheduled, but you can only book 3 per day. Once you are in the parks and have used your first three however, you can book an unlimited number of Fastpasses! You should frequently check what Fastpasses are available via the MyDisneyExperience App.

Single Rider Lines are available for select attractions, and they are used to fill individual open seats. This could be utilized if you are the only one in your group who wants to ride something, or if your group doesn’t mind not sitting together. Single Rider lines are available at Test Track (Epcot), Rock n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios), and Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom).

9-Start Your Day from the Back of the Park and Move Towards the Front

-In most theme parks, people will tend to ride the attractions closer to the front gate, and then end their day at the back of the park. If you do the opposite, however, you can take advantage of lower wait times for rides that would otherwise be crowded, such as Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, or Kilimanjaro Safaris.

10-MyDisneyExperience App!

-This is the official app of the Disney Parks, and it is vital to you having the best vacation possible. You can check wait times for rides and characters, order food via Mobile Order(this allows you to walk right up to many quick service locations and skip the lines), and book Fastpasses all while in the parks!

Whether you utilize these tips or not, keep one thing in mind: All you need to have a magical Disney vacation is ‘a little faith, trust, and pixie dust’!

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