North Penn trends throughout the years


Jurni Jackson

North Penn trends through the years.

TOWAMENCIN- Since elementary school, there have been many trends to grace North Penn School District. Thankfully, I am North Penn High School’s top trend tracker, so I know what’s going on. Here’s what’s hot in the halls.

The Sock Tuck

These days, I have rarely, and I mean rarely, seen someone wear sweatpants without seeing their socks as well. If you attend North Penn High School, you must be aware of this trend. You see your classmates rocking the infamous sock tuck, sitting with their sweats stuffed into their socks (and all my very important highly-intellectual observations have noticed the preferred and popular socks for this fit are white socks with a black Nike swoosh)

Jurni Jackson
“Tuck Game”

I won’t lie. I first saw this trend on a boy in the hallway a few months ago and I was just confused. After asking friends and staring at ankles, I realized I discovered a new trend! After this groundbreaking discovery, I meagerly told myself this trend wouldn’t make it. Boy, was I wrong.

Last week Marissa Werner came into school on crutches. She is wearing the bulkiest brace and doesn’t have her full range of motion. Yet, Marissa didn’t let all of this bring down her “Tuck Game”. She commissioned the help of her mother to tuck in the side with her hurt knee. This ladies and gentleman, is dedication. Hearing her story has made me realize this has surpassed a trend, The Sock Tuck is an art form.

Hydro Flasks

I think I’m one lavender and one lime green bottle away from seeing all the Hydro Flasks in the world. These water bottles are everywhere. In students hands, on their desks, and in their backpack pouches. Maybe I was late to this trend, but it didn’t seem to spread like other North Penn trends. It wasn’t like I saw one person with a Hydro Flask and then an increase.

It seemed like just yesterday I was frantically almost falling out of my seat because someone’s Swell Bottle fell over and sounded like all the windows in the school shattered. The next day, everyone seemingly came into school with these new bottles with the symbol that seriously reminds me of Wilson from Castaway (I think Chuck should sue).

Fuzzy Sweatshirts

Whether you look at the Swimming/Diving team or just a random person in the halls, the odds are strong for you to see these sweatshirts. It got cold and everyone came to school looking like a little huggy bear. I think this trend has been the cutest and coziest and tops the older not as widespread trend of wearing shorts to school in the winter (thank goodness).


I’m going to tell you a story. Over the summer, my phone finally called it quits. I just dropped her too many times. This led to a visit to Ms. AT&T and whala! New phone. I was just excited to finally have a phone that didn’t have a broken speaker. So I open the white iPhone box and got too excited. I thought I had AirPods. You should’ve seen my face when I took them out of the box to see that Apple tricked me by tucking in the regular earbud wires behind the white paper. My face fell. For a second their my faith was almost restored in Apple, but then they let me down again. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Even though I was a little sour about being scammed, I’ve gotten past it.

In my 100% fair stoic opinion, AirPods are stupid. Yet, everyone and their mom has a pair. And that’s that. Next.

Chromebook Stickers

“Alright guys, go ahead and take out your Chromebooks…” says your teacher and next thing you know you see lids filled with beach stickers, odes to students favorite tv shows, sayings, and everything else. They’re fun to read and brighten up the classroom. Some people have so many you can barely see the actual top of the chromebook.


Silly Bands

I had these in elementary school just like all of you guys did. I wore them and they were so tight on my wrists, but I didn’t care because I felt fashionable. We all traded them until it became so much of a trend that rules had to be put in place regarding when we could play with them because they disrupted class time.

Elite Socks

Instead of today’s regular Nike socks dominating, middle schoolers wore these socks with little blocks on them. I don’t know if Nike stopped making them, if the trend just died after ninth grade, or if I just need to get my eyes checked, but today’s sock trend is dominated by a more modest black or white sock with the same swoosh, but without the blocks on the back.

The Shirt Tie

For some reason, a lot of girls would take their shirts, ball them up in the back, and tie them with a hair tie. I guess my friends and I saw a girl doing that at recess and that led to all of us doing the same. You couldn’t tell me I looked so cute doing this with everyone else. Then one day in summer camp this boy did it to mock my friends and I who had our shirts tied back and I realized it really wasn’t all that once my feelings were okay again. My mom also thought it was weird. Looking back, I see it was questionable. Especially since I’d tie back my shirts that weren’t even that big, I just wanted to be trendy in fourth grade.