Women in Engineering defeat stigma in new club at NPHS


Marissa Werner

The Women in Engineering club met for their first meeting.

TOWAMENCIN- “We want to create a community among the school and among women in engineering…and help defeat the stigma that girls can’t be in engineering and that they can do whatever they want to do,” explained passionate co-founder and president of the new North Penn Club, Women in Engineering, Devon Barclay. Senior Presidents Barclay and Camryn Russell have been anxiously awaiting the long process of starting a new club since last spring.

Both girls have been through the whole Engineering Academy program here at the high school, including IED (Introduction to Engineering Design), POE (Principles of Engineering), CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) or DE (DIgital Electronics), and EDD(Engineering Design and Development). They are now amid the year long EDD project where they will be working on an energy saving roof shingle that will harvest solar energy and thermal electricity to reduce the amount of fossil fuels in the air.  

Going through multiple engineering classes a year since sophomore year, Barclay and Russell wanted to create a gathering place for women in the engineering courses or interested to learn more about it. The club is open to any gender and no experience or knowledge in engineering is needed to join.

“We start the process at the end of last year and got the paperwork to start the club on the last day of school…we got everything put together and ready at the end of September and got everything was finally approved by the middle of December and we have been full steam ahead since,” stated Russell.

Starting at as a sophomore in this huge school and entering the engineering program with little to no female representation is very intimidating. With only 2 girls averaging per class, the club plans to bring everyone together that has been stretched across the several periods.

“We plan to have speakers come in to talk about their experiences in engineering and do some small projects for around the school…I am hoping we get some people that are not taking engineering classes and maybe they want to pursue that in college and come and see different things we can do down here.. We also plan to participate in our girls night with our middle school girls and go through different things on how they can apply for scholarships and grants and colleges and all the fun stuff that comes that will hopefully help them before they get to college financial direction wise it’s not always easy do you plan on doing it,” explained club advisor Ms. Julia Young.

The Women in Engineering club will meet every other Tuesday in H8 from 2:15-3:15 starting January 8th.