What North Penn wants to leave in 2018


Marissa Werner

North Penn students reflect what they want to stay in 2018 and not come back in 2019.

As we still scribble out the 18 when we are supposed to write 2019, it reminds us of a year of firsts, lasts, and some things that should never come back. North Penn students reflect on things they wish would stay in 2018…

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I definitely want to leave behind IHOB”

— Sarah Marshall

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The Yanny or Laurel debate”

— Ali Walter

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Definitely Fornite”

— J.P. Grattan

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War and Conflicts”

— Zoei Baines

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James Charles”

— David Czekaj

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We should leave fanny packs, they just don’t make sense”

— Amy MacNair

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— Min Shin

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Air Pods”

— Noah Janoski

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College Applications”

— Sam Aleide