Wake up to North Penn’s favorite coffee

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Wake up to North Penn’s favorite coffee

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Caffeine? Yes please! Sometimes the only thing getting me through the first few periods of the day is the coffee I bring from home, made with love by my trusted Keurig and a vanilla Starbucks K-cup. Just the sound of the Keurig turning on changes my whole mood from tired and somber to energetic and excited.

Some students bring coffee from home to survive an early wake-up time, but oftentimes I see students walking the halls with Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks cups. For me, I consider a stop at Dunkin before school as an occasional luxury, but other students make a pit stop each morning.

Based on my keen investigative journalism, I have now found a basic ranking for North Penn students’ favorite places to get their morning caffeine buzz.

In last place we have… coffee from home! Although this is the most practical option for people who are able to make their own coffee, not everyone has a Keurig, or similar machine, at their disposal each day. For most, leaving extra early in the morning to achieve a fresh cup of coffee is worth the hassle.

Next up we have… Starbucks! Despite their delicious holiday flavors, including my personal favorite, the Peppermint Mocha, not many people claimed a desire to drink Starbucks. But, with those high prices, I can completely understand where everyone is coming from.

In second place we have… Wawa! I was anticipating Wawa as the front runner, but North Penn students surprised me. They have options of iced, hot, and specialty flavors you can order at the screens, but this was not enough to sway the students firmly in Wawa’s favor.

Our winner is Dunkin Donuts! In my opinion, their iced coffee has no possible match, and the drive-thru is an easy option for students on their morning commute to school. Especially in these winter months so we don’t even have to leave our cars. With reasonable prices and generally fast service, Dunkin Donuts coffee has won the North Penn coffee competition

Thank you Dunkin Donuts, for all you do for these students. We never could have gotten past first period without you!