North Penn Cares for Animals


Lily Mckee

Lily and Ava Mckee’s dog, Phoebe.

TOWAMENCIN- North Penn Cares For Animals is a new club to North Penn High School, looking to do much good in this world.

“I created this club because I really care for animals and I see so many of them struggling around the world and I think it’s really important to help them and I think they’re often overlooked in the efforts people are making to better the world,” said North Penn Cares For Animals President Lily McKee.

McKee was inspired by her dog Phoebe to create this club. Before Phoebe was taken in for a lifetime of love from the McKee’s, she belonged to a high kill shelter. These shelters are home to strays and bear much abuse and unjust treatment.

“Phoebe, when we first got her, was very skittish and hadn’t had a lot of experiences with loving humans. It really made me sad to see her like that and I’ve met plenty of other animals who have been affected by the same mistreatment and I don’t think it’s right. It strikes a very personal chord with me so I was really inspired to start a club where we can make a big difference in these animals lives,” explains Mckee.

Phoebe’s previous treatment along with animal abuse around the world have driven Lily to raise awareness for animals in need locally and worldwide. Vice-President Ava McKee also is driven by what Phoebe went through and her love of all animals. These feelings produced the whole mission of the club: to raise awareness about the issues regarding all animals and to fundraise locally and globally to combat the mistreatment animals face.

To do this, North Penn Cares For Animals plans on holding fundraisers such as Spare Change For Change throughout the year where students and staff can chose to donate as much as they want or just simply donate their pocket change to incite change because every penny counts. The money will be garnered to the causes the club chooses such as the ASPCA, Save the Elephants, local shelters, and any charity dedicated to helping animals like they are.

Ava also stressed how important raising awareness is. She knows her dog Phoebe’s will be “…affected for the rest of her life,” because of how poorly she was treated. That’s why she will use North Penn Cares For Animals as a platform to educate everyone about the way all animals deserve to be treated. This club will harbor caring, respectful, and loving treatment of all animals to do their part in ending the cycle of abuse animals face. NPCFA will be a place to discuss the current situations animals face and spread this information to stop them.

“It’s important for people to get involved in our club because I think a lot of students at North Penn also feel this way about these causes but don’t know that they can make a difference and its important to make our own path in this movement for animal rights,” said Lily.  

Join the movement for the equality of all animals by adding the code pnj8207 on classroom and joining North Penn Cares For Animals for their meetings one Wednesday each month in E6.

Email the club’s advisor Mr. Mostert at [email protected] for any additional questions and concerns, look out for NPCFA fundraisers, and care for all the animals out there.