Daelin Brown

Before taking off to head home after her 7-day adventure, Brown snapped a photo of the outside of the Honolulu airport.

Day 7: an 11 hour journey back home

At 12:20pm on Saturday it was time to say goodbye to Hawaii. Heading to Honolulu airport, we had about an 8 hour flight to Chicago and about a 3 hour flight to Newark.

Finally heading from Newark to the high school at about 10am on Sunday Morning, I had time to reflect on this trip.

This trip brought me some experiences of a lifetime. With everything that has happened in the past year in our country, seeing the patriotic memorials in Hawaii reminded me how great it actually is to be living in the U.S. Getting to see Pearl Harbor survivors while walking in the parade reinforced the whole purpose of this trip.

In Hawaii I found myself buying gifts for everyone but myself. Although I met some new friends and had friends with me, I wanted to bring pieces of this trip back home to my loved ones.

The people in Hawaii were very polite. Laying on beaches in the hot sun with clear water is something we will never experience at the Jersey Shore. Although it was sad to leave this place in paradise, I’m happy to be going home to my loved ones.

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