Music Course Modernizes withTechnology

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Music Course Modernizes withTechnology

Ray Gerhart, Staff Writer

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TOWAMENCIN- Music classes at North Penn have changed over the years. Orchestra, band, and chorus used to be some of the only classes offered but in this technological age North Penn has adapted as well.

Mr. Daniel Tumolo teaches a group of musically inclined students how to work cohesively with technology and their instruments to create not just the standard orchestra or wind ensemble sound, but  music infused with a more modern spin.

Every year the school gets a glimpse into what happens in CMT when they perform at the annual winter concert. In the past years they have performed Sleigh Ride, Pachelbel’s Canon, and All I Want For Christmas is You, not just in the traditional style of an orchestra. The CMT band creates their own unique sound due to the melting pot of musical backgrounds the class draws.

While they are not performing they are using programs on the computer to enhance their musical ability. In a program called Finale students can create music or replicate a sheet of music to help you understand it and see it “In a step by step process so you can actually see what’s going on” senior Pat Farrell said.

The program is also a unique way for students who might not be able to read music to get a good foundation and build up their skills from there.

Recently students might see the Comprehensive Music Technology students performing in the auditorium lobby under direction of Mr. Daniel Tumolo, not just classic Christmas songs that are the norm of bands at North Penn but modern day music which is rare to hear a music ensemble play at all, let alone in the halls.

With the proposed budget cuts looming around the music department, part of the idea of playing in the mornings is to practice but the main reason is to drum up support and interest for the music technology classes next year.

With signs advertising “Audio Engineering”, “Music Technology” and “Comprehensive Music Technology” it is hard for a student to get to their morning classes without tapping their foot and thinking about their course card for next year.