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Sameera Rachakonda
"Every sophomore waiting to attend North Penn High School comes in with a knot in their stomach. The fear of being a loner, getting lost, and hating every second of high school eats away at them. Sameera Rachakonda is one of many sophomores graduating in the 2019 school year, but straying from the thoughts of her class, Rachakonda has already grown to enjoy what the school has to offer. With three years of her high school career to fill, the task seems exciting to her. After her older sister laid the footsteps out for her, Rachakonda stares at the road not taken, as she is ecstatic to join clubs, meet new people, and enjoy every moment North Penn High School has to offer her," said Nina Raman.

Sameera Rachakonda, Staff Writer

Jun 06, 2017
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Sep 29, 2016
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