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2016-2017 Staff

Alexis Pettinato

Staff Writer

"Struggling to thrive in the underfunded schools of intercity Philadelphia, students are in perpetual need. Many families in the area are unable to afford the essentials: pencils, folders, paper, and backpacks. But the struggle goes fa...

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Ed Pendleton

Staff Writer

"With vast dreams and plans for the military service, Ed Pendleton, senior at North Penn High School, is not your average high school student. After moving from the inner city of Philadelphia to a much more suburban town known...

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Veronica Laguna

Staff Writer

"Being involved in performing arts since she was 8 years old, it is no surprise that Veronica Laguna aspires to be a music teacher. Laguna has been in two orchestras, seven bands, and one dance company for eight years. Such experience...

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Sameera Rachakonda

Staff Writer

"Every sophomore waiting to attend North Penn High School comes in with a knot in their stomach. The fear of being a loner, getting lost, and hating every second of high school eats away at them. Sameera Rachakonda is one of many...

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Nina Raman

Staff Writer

"Many students at North Penn High School are fluent in the English language, but there are some who excel at writing in it. While many students dislike English for its use of symbolism and syntax, eleventh grader Nina Raman embraces...

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Mikaela Mosley


"Life has always moved at a fast pace for Mikaela Mosley. Whether she's doing laps around the track or running from class to class, the North Penn teen doesn't slow down for anyone. Despite living in a small town in Pennsylvania,...

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Meghan Chasar

Staff Writer

"Taking a look at Meghan Chasar, the 5 ft 2'' Brunnette sitting contently in the back of the class, one could easily mistake her for their average small town girl. Being the youngest of six, having a paralyzed sister, and practicing...

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Jason Shoush

Staff Writer

"Jason Shoush, or just Shoush, is a name that many students at North Penn would say that they recognize, but how much do they really know about the person behind this well-known name? Do they know that Shoush is interested in ...

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Hunter Allan

Staff Writer

"Full time Writer, part time Ninja. Hunter Allan always has a surprise up his sleeve. The North Penn High School senior strives to be anything but ordinary and devotes the hours of his day to the pursuit of knowledge, art, and...

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Hank Hoffman

Staff Writer

"Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, many of them are just simple folk like us, going to work and school, seeing friends on the weekend, and passing the time with various hobbies or sports. However, in truth, heroes are anything...

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Esther Belizaire

Staff Writer

"From conquering her greatest fear to eating chinese food in Sweden, Esther Belizaire has had far from an ordinary life. She’s travelled across the globe and vacationed in eight different countries, including Jamaica and Haiti....

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Dillin Bett

Staff Writer

"Being the top player on the rink was an expectation, but it came with no motivation. For Dillin Bett, hockey is just a hobby that is pressed on by his parents following their Canadian background. He isn't the typical, spoiled,...

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Deborah Preite

Staff Writer

"Waking up on the first, last day of high school in your life is probably the best feeling one can have, or the worst. Finally realizing you're done high school in less than 10 months and heading out to the real world, seems scary,...

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Daelin Brown

Staff Writer

"The wind, the track, the fans, the finish line. As Daelin Brown completed her third lap of the mile long event at track and field nationals, she thought she had already experienced her defining moment: the day her father passed...

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Courtney Rowland

Staff Writer

"'Don't snapchat and drive', cautions Courtney Rowland, after a life changing accident changed her perspective on the world and encouraged her to set lofty goals for her future. Learning from her almost fatal mistake, Rowland...

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Caitlin Pennegar

Staff Writer

"Most two year olds are just mastering how to walk and run, but for Caitlin Pennegar, junior at North Penn High School, she was already learning how to ice skate. Some kids play soccer or baseball, but Pennegar took a more unique...

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Ashley Kister

Staff Writer

"From designing her own clothes to discussing politics with friends, Ashley Kister is determined to pursue her passions. The studious, fashionable, and go-getter seventeen year old would like to attend Temple University to pursue...

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Anissa Gardizy

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Anissa Gardizy. I am a junior, and this is my first year as a part of the Knight Crier Staff. If you were looking for me, the best place to start would be at a North Penn sporting event. When I'm not writing about...

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Kevin Manero


[email protected]; [email protected]

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