Quakertown rolls past Knights


The first place Lady Panthers of Quakertown  sweep the lady Knights 4-0 with some consistent  team bowling. Although the Knights did roll their highest team series of the year, the Panthers were too much to overcome.

Julia Sharboski was the leading bowler for the night rolling a first game (224) and a (509)series. The Knights had two closely matched bowlers for their top roller on the night with Megan Loughery (376) edging out teammate Anna Weatherwax (375). Ariana DellaPolla had her highest series of the year with a (358) series.

In the boys match the Quakertown Panthers, with a great deal of returning talent, took 3-1 victory over North Penn. The first game the Panthers came out hot with four of their starting five rolling games over (200), with Aiden Leighton rolling a 236 followed by Lucian Millsock with a (233). The Knights had two good games as well from Chase Leckner (222) and Ryan Baker (216). The Knights came back with a hard earned second game winning by a score (862-830).  Elijah Pint (216) led the way to the Panthers game three win including the top series of the night with a (628 series). Ryan Baker had NP’s highest series with a (605) and Ben Tucker had his high series of the year (546).



Quakertown            Won   4   Lost  0

Madison Dager         125-150-162-437

Erin Fenstermacher  139-146-131=416

Alexandria Baranyai  140-153-154=447

Brenna Gardner        137-134-178=449

Julia Skarboski         224-152-133=509



NP                           Won  0   Lost  4

Ariana DellaPolla      107-123-128=358

Vanessa Blissman      98-  88-105=291

Angela Pham            104-144-116=364

Megan Loughery       141-127-108=376

Anna Weatherwax     101-112-162=375




Quakertown              Won  3  Loss 1

Brayden Ristine         186-166-168=520

Lucian Millsock          233-139-  x  =372

Jacob Siegfried          209-165-175=549

Eljah Pint                   203-209-216=628

Aiden Leighton          236-151-186=573

Max Arkans                 x  –   x- 176 =176



NP                               Won  1   Lost 3

Ben Tucker                185-185-176=546

Tyler Caiazzo             182-169-112=463

Kevin Tagert               155-147-128=430

Chase Leckner           222-167-177=566

Ryan Baker                 216-194-195=605