Red October at the Bank Again!



Panoramic view of Citizens Bank Park on Friday October 14’s Fightins’ 9-1 rout of the Braves.

One word can be used to describe the playoff atmosphere at CItizens Bank Park, ELECTRIC. In the first postseason game in Philadelphia in 11 years, the city was rocking! We got a chance to experience just what Red October was all about last Friday.

 The rally towels were waving and numerous chants were being declared throughout the ballpark, cheering for the Phils and denouncing Atlanta. There was even a chant mocking the Braves fans who were sparsely dispersed in the crowd. It was a wild sight to see a swarm of 45,500+ fans all doing a tomahawk chopping motion in scorn of the iconic Braves chant they do in celebration or as a momentum gainer when playing at home in Atlanta. 

Every strikeout, base hit, or any positive moment for the Phillies and it resulted in an absolutely deafening crowd, and we’re not just being sarcastic. In fact, decibel levels reached as high as 101. This is similar to being inside a packed to the brim night club. To put that into more perspective, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and WHO (World Health Organization) suggests keeping your environment to a decibel level of below 70 over the course of 24 hours. So to put it short, it was loud. 

As far as dining comes, the selection was its usual, in addition to a “Phillies Gobbler”, a s’more milkshake, and Crab Fries with cinnamon-maple sauce. However, we each chose classic Cheesesteaks from Campo’s. Ice cream in a Phillies helmet is always a good choice for dessert too. We also couldn’t go to a Phillies game without an $8 souvenir soda with Red October being the eye catcher on the cup.

As for the transportation, we decided to take the subway to and from the stadium. On the way down to the stadium it was not very crowded until we arrived at the stadium which was flooded with fans. Leaving the stadium felt like the Eagles championship parade back in 2017, with all fans chanting all types of things, some I am not allowed to say on here but it was definitely interesting. The station was so packed that there were fans hanging outside of the train cars trying to squeeze into them.

The actual gameplay supplemented the exciting trip even more, with the Phillies waxing the Braves 9-1, including absolute titanic home runs from Rhys Hoksins and Bryce Harper to break it open. The win was boosted in this huge six run 3rd inning by the Fightins. 

The Phillies continue Red October at home this Friday October 21st, and also play on Saturday and Sunday. They look to sweep all 3 and move on to the World Series for the first time since 2009. If you get the chance and are willing to spend upwards of $300, we greatly recommend it as it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.