Knights gain first game of states against Cathedral Prep


North Penn Boys Water Polo team

Boys Water polo team ready to win the state championship Saturday, November 6

After the quarter-final game down with a 16-10 win, the Knights kept their minds focused on winning the state championship this weekend. 

The North Penn Boys Water polo team had a great season falling short of just one game. Last year with their season messed up due to covid, the boys didn’t have the outcome they want, but that was just another motivator to hopefully bring home another state championship this season.

“It’s always good to get the first win in, it gives us momentum for tomorrow,” Junior starter Aidan Faikish shared.

Although Cathedral Prep scored the first goal of the game it didn’t bring down the Knights. North Penn came out strong with a 10-3 lead at the end of the second quarter. Faikish led the team with a total of 6 goals last night with help from Senior Tim Schwar and Junior Andrew Davis on offense. 

With Cathedral Prep putting up a good fight, it wasn’t enough to stop the boys. Junior Danny Dunigan in the net only gave up 6 goals throughout all three quarters. Dunigan was subbed out by Freshman Nevin Shaw in the fourth quarter who also played strong defense giving up only 4 goals. Both goalies stayed firm, holding Prep to a total of 10 goals in the end.

North Penn Boys Water Polo team

“There were a couple of goals that were given up that I didn’t quite like, we like to keep teams in single digits and today they scored 10 goals, so we can definitely improve on that,” Coach Jason Grubb reflected.

With more games, today, Grubb considered what things the team needs to concentrate on for the game in order to come out with the results they want.

“They have to play clean and smart, I think they did a good job starting off the day like that. We are a well-balanced team. There are a lot of teams here who have one really really good player, and I think our starting line-up is very good so if they play balanced and within themselves, it should be a good day,” Grubb stated.

The Knights are playing their semi-final game on today at 11:45 with high hopes to continue on to the state championship later today. 

“I am feeling pretty confident, it’s going to be two tough games but it’s going to be a good game. We have already played both of these teams so I think we are going in strong and open-minded and we are going to just have fun and hopefully win,” senior Bobby Freece noted.

Although the boys took the win Friday night, they are not finished yet and they have much bigger plans in mind, seeking that state title on this morning.

“The energy here was great tonight and it was just the quarter-final so tomorrow is going to be pretty special,” Faikish shared.