NFC East is gift that keeps on giving for the Eagles


It’s almost never easy to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and this past weekend was a strong reminder of this.  After suffering an embarrassing loss to the lowly Dolphins in Miami, many Eagles fans may already be giving up hope on their favorite team making the playoffs.  If the Eagles can’t even beat the Dolphins, who CAN they beat?

Even after losing in a humiliating fashion against one of the NFL’s worst teams, the Philadelphia Eagles are still very much in the hunt for a playoff berth, solely because the NFC East is setting records for being such a travesty of a division.  The New York Giants have already been eliminated from playoff contention, and the Washington Redskins, despite sitting at a measly 3-9 record, can somehow still win the division, albeit with several miracles. Even the division leaders, the Dallas Cowboys, are currently sitting at a mediocre 6-7 record following last night’s loss to the Chicago Bears.

The Eagles’ final games of the regular season include a Monday night showdown against the Giants, a rematch with the Redskins in Washington, a crucial matchup against the Cowboys, and finally a second clash with the Giants.  Aside from the week 16 game against the Cowboys, this is a relatively easy schedule, and the Eagles could feasibly win out.

With the Cowboys unable to pull away and widen their division lead, the Eagles still control their own destiny, and can claim the division title if they win each of their last four games. If the Eagles can pull this off, it won’t matter how Dallas does in their games, even if they win every game except their rematch in Philadelphia.  However, should the Eagles lose to Dallas in week 16, their playoff hopes would likely be all but crushed.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been no stranger to miracles in recent years, either.  Remember Nick Foles’ magical Super Bowl run after Carson Wentz tore his ACL? Remember the double-doink against the Bears in the Wild Card round last season?  If the Eagles can pull off those unthinkable miracles, why can’t they win their last four games this season?

Regardless of whether or not you think the Eagles can even win a playoff game, you have to remember the most important thing, and that’s keeping the Dallas Cowboys out of the Playoffs.  With the talent the Cowboys have on their team, there’s no telling if they could pull off a deep run in the playoffs. That’s not something any fan of the Eagles would want to see. With that being said, we need to hope that the Eagles can prevent that from happening.

It’s not over yet, Eagles fans.  We’re no stranger to rough seasons, and true fans stick with the team through thick and thin.  We need to keep our heads up and focus on our Monday night matchup against the New York Giants. We can do this, if for no other reason than the fact that the NFC East is atrocious.