Brotherly bond drives Berry on the gridiron


Elise Upright

NP Knights Andrew Berry in a JV game against Souderton during the 2019 season.

TOWAMENCIN- On the outside, North Penn High School junior Andrew Berry may seem like a happy-go-lucky kid, with a perfect childhood and no adversity. However, as a member of the North Penn Knights football team, Andrew embraced a sometimes challenging path to get where he is today as a student-athlete. 

Berry’s childhood was not always smooth sailing. With his father not involved in his life for most of his childhood, he lacked that support for most of his younger years.  That is, until his brother Luke emerged as that sort of father figure he so desperately needed. 

“Even though Luke is just a couple years older than me, and wasn’t mature himself yet, I saw him as my father figure before my stepdad came into my life,” said Berry. “He did things with me that my father didn’t, and I’m appreciative of that.”

Andrew also credits Luke for shaping him to be the hardworking, strong person he is today. He sees Luke as a role model. 

My brother is my role model because he has always worked hard, and I can see that and admire it. He is a big part of the reason I am who I am today,”

— Andrew Berry

“My brother is my role model because he has always worked hard, and I can see that and admire it. He is a big part of the reason I am who I am today,” said Andrew.

Berry’s love of football started at a very young age. Growing up in a football family, he has been watching football for most of his life. Yet, his love for playing football still stems from his brother. 

“I wouldn’t say that my love of football started from my brother himself, because I have grown up in a huge football family. But I would say he is a big part of why I love playing football,” said Berry. “I remember watching him play at Crawford Stadium when he played at North Penn, and being able to run out on the field every Friday before a home game is an unreal experience.”

Despite playing football, Berry still has time for a job at Rita’s as well. 

“I like working at Rita’s. I get to see a lot of my friends who either work there or come in to buy something,” said Berry. “The only thing that I wish would change is that I would like to get more money.”

After football, school, and work, he has to come home. But when he returns home, he still has two older siblings living there: his sister, Madi, and his brother, Luke.  

“I like it. I always watch football with my brother, and we always do things together. And when Luke isn’t home, Madi is, and it’s nice to have that company at home. She’ll take me places if I ask her to, and I just like having the company at home, because I would get very bored.”

Despite all of his activities in and out of school, Andrew still manages to maintain his good grades, which is something he is proud of. 

Berry sees himself as a hardworking individual. He credits this to his brother, but also to his father.

“I don’t want to make the same mistakes as my father. So that is something that gives me motivation to never stop working and never stop grinding. Some time I will see the benefits of this mentality. I saw how hard my brother worked for everything and again, that just gives me more motivation because if he can do it, why can’t I,” said Berry.

Despite all of his adversity, Andrew Berry is still a happy kid, and tries to make other people happy as well, and maybe in actuality, he is  that happy-go-lucky kid everyone thinks he is.