From Knights to Marauders


Prasham Jobanputra

Corbin (left) and Haynes (right) at their signing day where they signed their letters of intent to play football at Millersville University.

TOWAMENCIN- There’s always that feeling when you walk off the field for the last game of the season, that it is the final time you will play alongside your brothers.  And at first, Kaleem Corbin and Jon Haynes probably did feel this.  But they know now, that for the next four years, they will still be able to play alongside each other.

On January 31st, Corbin announced that he committed to Millersville University and would sign a letter of intent to play football there next year.

“I wanted to go to Millersville because when I visited, it just seemed like a special place and on top of that, the coaching staff was great.  When I was up there, they showed me a lot of love and on top of that, the players felt like an environment I needed to be in.  It felt like it was home,” Corbin said.

Six days later, on February 6th and signing day, Haynes announced that he would join Corbin at Biemesderfer Stadium for Saturday football games.

“I like the coaching staff, they were cool.  I liked what they saw in the future in what they had planned for me.  Obviously, I like the education and how they ran that, a lot of connections after college and just having a couple of my friends to push me too,” Haynes said.

Haynes said it was nice to know Corbin was going to Millersville and it was a small factor in his decision but at the end of day, it was the best choice for him.

“Not off the rip it didn’t influence [my decision] cause throughout the whole recruiting process, we both knew we were gonna go to the place that was best for both of us, but when it came down to it, when I started narrowing my list down, I liked a lot of the stuff they said to me.  I didn’t really wanna keep waiting on certain other schools when I felt like I had a home at Millersville.  A lot of people that made it feel like home, the coaches made it feel like home, and I think it will be a good situation for me,” Haynes said.

And Corbin added that he did not further the recruitment of Haynes to Millersville.

“I didn’t recruit Jon at all.  Jon is his own person, makes his own decisions but it’s great that I get to go to school with one of my best friends and I get to play besides him,” Corbin said.

The first time the two played football with each other was on Philly’s Finest, an invite only 7v7 team.

“We first started playing seven-on-seven.  It was like one of the guys you hear the name a lot, a lot of local sports growing up, a lot of the similar teams you hear the name a lot and when [Corbin] said he was going to North Penn at seven-on-seven, it just kinda kicked off there and we’ve been close ever since then,” Haynes said.

Corbin and Haynes played the same positions on fall Friday nights at North Penn, receiver and defensive back.  However, they will now have the opportunity to go one-on-one with each other during practice as Corbin will play cornerback and Haynes will play wide receiver in college.

“It’s always a good fight going against one of my best friends, but at the same time, on the field, it’s like we’re not best friends anymore.  That’s how it needs to be for us to get to the step and go to the next level.  But off the field, that’s my best friend,” Corbin said.

Their college lives isn’t only about football though.  The two have been talking about possibly taking classes together or rooming together.

“That’s probably one of the first things that came up obviously, rooming together [and] taking classes because it’s always good to have a couple people, like best friends in college.  Not everyone gets to go through it especially playing sports.  It’s a big change.  [Football] goes from a hobby and something you love doing to something you’re doing all the time and I think it will be good to have one of my best friends there with me throughout the ride.  So, if I’m high one day, I can bring him up but if he’s low I can help or vice versa and I think that will be good for us and help us adjust to college faster,” Haynes said.

They are excited to play alongside each other but are also ready to get to work now.

“I’m looking forward to hard work and success man.  He has the same goal as me, so we just gonna continue to get it.  Just to see each other both be successful would be great for both of us and continue to do what we love, which is play football,” Corbin said.

“I’m excited for another four more years.  North Penn, we had some good memories and some memories that I’ll keep forever but nothing is forever.  I wish I could play with all my boys here, another four more years, but I’m blessed to still be able to play with him [and] K.J. [Cartwright].  So I’m excited to see what we do at the next level,” Haynes said.