13 athletes sign National Letters of Intent

13 North Penn seniors sign letter of intent to play collegiate athletics.

For high school athletes, being recruited to continue their athletic career into college is a dream come true.  It can be a long and stressful process but when those students commit and sign a letter of intent to a college, it is an outstanding moment for that student and their family.  This year, North Penn High School had a baker’s dozen of students sign their National Letters of Intent this fall.

Paige Burrell

Marissa Werner
Paige Burrell- University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, diving

Sport: Diving

College: University of North Carolina

Major: Nutrition

Burrell could go down as possibly the best diver ever in North Penn history.  She is a two-time state champion along with being a three-time All-American.  Her efforts made her a national recruit and her coach, Kyle Goldbacher, believes she could be an NCAA national champion one day. The University of North Carolina has been Burrell’s dream school to attend.

“It doesn’t feel real to be honest.  I wasn’t expecting to go to this school.  It’s just like a dream and when you accomplish a dream it’s just crazy to you and it doesn’t feel like you’re in reality so I’m just like dreaming still,” Burrell said.

Emily Crawford

Sport: Field Hockey

College: University of Massachusetts

Marissa Werner
Emily Crawford- University of Massachusetts, field hockey

Major: Biology

There was a lot of buzz about Crawford as a middle school student, so when she eventually reached North Penn High School, there were lots of expectations.  And Crawford did not disappoint.  She has 28 career goals along with 25 career assists to be a four-year letter winner at the forward and mid positions.  She was named to the all-conference third team as a sophomore and junior, and as a senior captain was named to the all-conference second team.

“I feel very accomplished for myself and I’m honestly very proud,” Crawford stated.

Jake Drelick

Sport: Baseball

Prasham Jobanputra
Jake Drelick

College: Jefferson University

Major: Marketing

To play a sport at a high level, you have to have a lot of passion for the game which Drelick has.  Head baseball coach, Kevin Manero, has known Drelick since he was in elementary school and when he got to North Penn High School he never looked back.  Drelick was an everyday varsity catcher/outfielder for the Knights and was a .400 hitter last year.

Ryley Fein

Marissa Werner
Ryley Fein- West Virginia University, swimming

Sport: Swimming

College: West Virginia University

Major: Business

Fein has had an up and down swimming career.  Fein walked away from swimming at one point but eventually returned more motivated than ever.  Last year he tied for 8th in the state and had to compete in a swim off.  In possibly the biggest moment of his career, Fein nearly broke the school record as he qualified for junior nationals.

“It feels pretty good. I guess it’s just kinda a dream come true,” Fein remarked.

Evan Meiers

Marissa Werner
Evan Meiers- Drexel University, diving

Sport: Diving

College: Drexel University

Major: Health Sciences

Diving isn’t just a sport that Meiers excels at, but also it serves as a key for Meiers to continue his academics.  Meiers is the only male diver on the diving team and has all the tools to dive at the next level.  He was split, until recently, on if he wanted to continue to dive in college but decided to continue when he was recruited by Drexel.  Meiers will be able to be in the city of Philadelphia which he loves so much, while studying to become a physician assistant.

“I’m just so excited to have this opportunity and to be accepted into Drexel and be able to continue my passion and my academics,” Meiers said.

Zack Miles

Sport: Baseball

College: Lehigh University

Marissa Werner
Zack Miles- Leigh University, baseball

Major: Finance

In the 2015 state semifinals, the Knights’ shortstop hit a game winning homerun to send the Knights to the state finals game and eventually they won the state championship.  One year later, in comes Miles as a freshman.  With big shoes to fill, Miles had no problems as he has been the starting shortstop since his freshman year and his tremendous work ethic should continue to make him successful at the next level.

“It’s just a great feeling.  A bunch of pressure is relieved for me and it helps me get into schools that are harder to get into with the sports and it’s just an awesome feeling,” Miles said.

Patrick O’Neill

Sport: Wrestling

College: Bloomsburg University

Major: Telecommunications

Marissa Werner
Patrick O’Neill- Bloomsburg University, wrestling

O’Neill came up through the youth program and joined the North Penn wrestling squad as a freshman.  O’Neill only had a 2-1 record as a freshman but worked hard and earned a 36-9 record for his junior year.  O’Neill won sectionals, districts, and regionals last year and finished 7th in the state.  O’Neill will be looking to earn another medal before graduating here at North Penn.

“There’s still work left to do but this step is completed.  All the hard work paid off and now I just have to get ready and go work even harder [to] compete at the next level,” O’Neill said.

Stephen Rinck

Sport: Lacrosse

Marissa Werner
Stephen Rinck- Siena College, lacrosse

College: Siena College

Major: Undecided

When Rinck got injured last year, a lot of colleges shied away from him.  Fortunately, Siena came calling and recruited Rinck.  He is a four-year varsity player and will be a midfielder at the collegiate level.  Head lacrosse coach, Rick Smith, described Rinck as a player who would do anything to help his team win and be successful.  Even though Rinck may have faced some adversity, his hard work has been completely worth it for him.

“This is like a dream come true.  I have all my friends here, Zack Miles [and] Ryan Schoppe, for instance.  It’s just something I’ve been dreaming about for a while.  Since I got injured last year, I feel like I’ve come a long way and to just sign the piece of paper feels great,” Rinck said.

Lauren Ruth

Sport: Soccer

Marissa Werner
Lauren Ruth- University of Delaware, soccer

College: University of Delaware

Major: Nursing

Ruth transferred from Archbishop Wood and played outstanding in her one year as a Knight.  Ruth was named to the suburban one first team.  She will be receiving the golden boot for scoring the most goals on the team as well.

“[This] means the world to me.  I can’t wait to make a name for myself and start the new experience,” Ruth said.

Ryan Schoppe

Sport: Lacrosse

Marissa Werner
Ryan Schoppe- University of Tampa, lacrosse

College: University of Tampa

Major: Finance

Schoppe is known for his tremendous work ethic on the lacrosse field and in the weight room.  His work ethic and leadership led to him being unanimously voted the team captain by his teammates.  Schoppe was named to the all-league suburban one team last year.

“For me it was just [that] I didn’t think I would have the opportunity when I was younger but as I started to progress as a player, [playing in college] became a real option for me.  So, as I was looking through the schools, Tampa was just a good fit and it just means the whole world to me that I’m gonna be able to continue my passion through college,” Schoppe stated.

Parker Schulz

Sport: Swimming

College: Towson University

Marissa Werner
Parker Schulz- Towson University, swimming

Major: Exercise Science

Schulz is the first person in her family to attend college so signing a National Letter of Intent is an extremely proud moment for her and her family.  Schulz was a part of one of the most exciting swim races in North Penn history.  During the state championship, the Knights were trailing a rival team into the 4th leg of the 400m free relay.  And into the pool goes Schulz who ended up winning the race for the team.

“Honestly I feel so accomplished on what I’ve gotten to now.  Honestly when I was ten I didn’t think I would get this far,” Schulz said.

Claudia Thamm

Sport: Swimming

Marissa Werner
Claudia Thamm- Auburn University, swimming

College: Auburn University

Major: Political Science

Thamm, who also is a water polo player, will be continuing her swim career at Auburn.  Thamm holds the school record in a couple of events at North Penn.  She also qualified for junior nationals and winter nationals making her a top 3-5% swimmer in the nation.

“This is actually happening. I mean senior year is so long and they say it’s so meaningful and what not.  So, it’s just these little steps along the way that makes it so surreal,” Thamm expressed.

Kianna Yancey

Sport: Gymnastics

College: West Virginia University

Major: Psychology

Marissa Werner
Kianna Yancey- West Virginia, gymnastics

Yancey, who was a diver and gymnast, chose to continue gymnastics into West Virginia University where she received a full scholarship.  Yancey is an all-around gymnast as she competes at a high level in each event.  She has qualified and competed at the state, regional, and national level.  This includes qualifying for the Junior Olympic National Championships four times.

“It means everything to me to sign the letter of intent because I’ve been working hard for this my whole life and it’s just a dream come true,” Yancey said.