With which NP football player do you best connect?

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With which NP football player do you best connect?

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The North Penn Knights football team is comprised of several athletes who are known around school for their Friday night performances. What many people do not know is what our quarterback’s favorite food is, or what our wide receiver would do with a million dollars. Take this quiz to not only learn more about the football team, but to see which player is most like you!


While taking the quiz, simply keep a tally of how many A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s you select.


What is your favorite food

A.Curly Fries


C.anything Italian



What is your favorite song?

A.any Drake song

B.Toes- ZBB

C.Nights- Frank Ocean

D.Redemption- Drake


What is your favorite movie?

A.Friday Night Lights?

B.Shawshank Redemption

C.Blind Side

D.Lion King


What is your favorite dessert?



C.Strawberry Shortcake



What is your favorite holiday?






What is your favorite subject


B.Marine Science




If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

A.Invisibility because I can stay lowkey

B.The ability to fly because gas is expensive

C. Superspeed to be the best at every sport

D.The ability to fly to get to places quickly


Who is your favorite teacher?

A.Mr. Smith

B.Mr. Krueger

C.Mr. Brumbaugh

D.Mr. Wilson


Where is your dream vacation spot?

A.Toronto so I can visit Drake

B. Jamaica because of the ocean and warm weather

C.Dubai to see a wealthy lifestyle

D.Los Angeles to see famous people


What would you do with one million dollars?

A.Save it for later

B.Buy a beach house in Florida

C.turn that 1 million into 100 million

D.Buy parents a house



If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

A.Tim Tebow because of his dedication to his faith and Jesus Christ

B.Daniel Tosh because he is really funny

C.Justin Bieber to spend money and have fun

D.Lebron James because he is my favorite athlete



It is time to tally up how many of each letter you choose:

If most of your answers were A, you are most like senior quarterback Reece Udinski!



If most of your answers were B, you are most like senior defensive end Nick Vasger!



If most of your answers were C, you are most like wide receiver Ricky Johns!



If most of your answers were D, you are most like cornerback Justis Henley!