A Knight in the Castle- Mrs. Linda McGlinn

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A Knight in the Castle- Mrs. Linda McGlinn

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Mrs. Linda McGlinn
Assistant Secretary-E112

I started working at NPHS in 1998 as a substitute secretary. In 2000 I was the part time receptionist in the K Pod Reception Office. In 2002 a fifth home office was added to the high school and I moved to K106 as an attendance secretary. K106 was changed to K31 a few years ago. I have worked in A32, F40 and presently in E112. I really enjoy what I do here and the students are big part of what makes my day.

North Penn High School is… a wonderful high school! There are so many opportunities for our students here.

If I wasn’t a secretary I would be… An Interior Designer or own a flower shop.

When I’m driving around town I’m listening to… Rock, Hip Hop, R&B & Alternative rock!! I love music, always have. so my car must have a Bose stereo in it!! Club McGlinn on wheels!

I could not possibly live without… chocolate. Dark chocolate is my favorite.

My hobby totally separate from NPHS is…. Shopping. I love Amazon Prime it’s just too easy click and ship!

My guilty pleasure is….. I have more than one. Shoes and Boots!! I have so many pairs I sometimes forget what I have. I am also hooked on way too many television shows.

My proudest moment is…. The birth of my children 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren!!