Get to know the Scoir for college apps


Jessica Wendowski

Mr. Brett walking a North Penn senior through her questions and concerns about the application process.

For me, starting the college application process was filled with stress, questions, and lots of confusion. Although I know this process takes time and help from parents, peers, and teachers, I still felt swamped in all the steps. Once I decided to stop by the Future Plans center, college counselor, Mr. Patrick Brett answered all my questions and the process suddenly became much clearer and less intimidating.

The future plans center, located in K-031, is a place where a lot of resources and information can be found for seniors in the college application process. This year’s application process is using a brand new platform called Scoir. This platform is fewer steps, more user-friendly, and much more organized.

“The user-friendliness of Scoir is ten times plus better than what Naviance had to offer,” Brett said. “From the college application end and document sending side, it is extremely easier both for the students and counselors and teachers to send documents and prepare documents to choose a school and move things over.”

Before Scoir, the previous application system that was used, Naviance, was very spread out which complicated the application process. Scoir is easier for not only students to use but also is much more convenient for teachers. Although Scoir has much to offer, it isn’t the only platform used in the process.

“The Common App is where you actually apply. If you think of it as Scoir is the GPS telling you where to apply, Common App is the car that gets you there,” Brett stated. “On Common App, you actually fill out the physical applications and send them in. There are some schools that have additional pieces to the Common App that you need to do separate from Common App,” Brett explained.

For example, if you apply to schools like Pitt, Penn State, or Temple, on Common App, within 72 hours you will get an email providing you the extra parts of the application.

Another important step you can choose to include during or even after the application process is scholarships. The Future Plans canvas page posts a list of scholarships that North Penn seniors have access to. Although you can apply for scholarships, most big scholarships that you will get will be from the university.

Now that you know all the strategies for the application process, here are some tips that can help save you the stress and anxiety throughout this time.

The biggest resource in this high school is Mr. Brett when it comes to college. Whether you have questions about certain schools, essay content, or just questions about the process, he is the guy to come to.

“I want students to know that this is not just on them. This is my job, this is what I really love doing and I want students to know this is a place they can come down to work on stuff,” Brett emphasized.

You can stop in his room at any time of the day as long as you aren’t in a scheduled class. You can also schedule a meeting after school on Wednesdays with your family to learn more about the process and have any questions answered.

You can also contact Brett by email: [email protected]

“Please stop down here. Even if you have no idea what you are doing, even if you don’t know where to start, please stop down to the future plans center,” Brett stated.