NPHS first ever job and career fair a major success for students and businesses


Yamuni Kaijumi

North Penn students make valuable connections as they venture into the workplace over the summer and after graduation.

What if you had the opportunity to land a job or an internship in three hours. You’d be able to skip the time-consuming application process and the stress that comes with meeting deadlines. Well, the Job and Career Fair is the perfect place for this opportunity and you can come in empty-handed but leave with a new job or internship. 

The first-ever job fair hosted by North Penn was a smashing success in the Navy Gym, with all of NP’s tables crammed to accommodate the surplus of employees looking to hire or grant internships to students. The event was held on Thursday, April 25th, from 3-6 PM.

“You could have come here and applied to three or four or five different places in one spot,” Mr. Christopher Frey, the coordinator of the NPHS CHIP program, said. Click here to read a Knight Crier article for more information on the CHIP program.

The Job and Career Fair saves students a substantial amount of time. Instead of applying to a variety of jobs over a few days and paying more for gas than we already do, students could have easily applied to five jobs in one area. This alleviates the stress of the time-consuming application processes that most jobs necessitate.

“Students don’t realize the variety of jobs they could eventually get… something like this puts them in front of a lot of employers,” Frey explained. 

The Keystone Fire and Protection Company offered students experience in fire protection. From mechanical work to social media advertising there was no shortage of work.

 Some students came out of curiosity or to generally explore while others were looking for a job in a certain field.

“I came to the job fair because I wanted to find something to do over the summer. It’s a great way for me to gain experience in the field I want to go into, ” Sophomore Noora Khan said, agreeing with many other students who want to get good summer jobs before school lets out.

Many jobs necessitate at least some training, if not a college degree. However, before students take the plunge and commit, it is critical that they consider the time and money that will be invested. This is where prior experience comes in handy. This not only helps individuals build a reputation in the workplace, but it also helps them determine if this is a career worth their time.

Experience is helpful in figuring out what you want to do in the post-North Penn chapter of your life.”

— Mr. Christopher Frey

“Experience is helpful in figuring out what you want to do in the post-North Penn chapter of your life,” Frey said. 

Some employers who were at the Job and Career Fair are hoping to jump-start their new business with the help of students. One business, for example, is an online resale boutique called Twelve 23 that encourages the need to recycle clothes and accessories centered in Blue Bell PA. 

“I am looking for high students from 9th through 12th grade…[there’s] administrative assistant work, event planning, sales, social media, graphic arts, fashion design, photography, and modeling.. Anything that you guys can think about that would help start our business, ” Jennifer Hedrick from the Twelve 23 Resale Boutique explained, one of the many business owners at the fair who welcome high school employees with interests in their field.  

Police Officer Kaylee Plisinski and her coworker from the Hatfield Police Department came out to the Job and Career Fair, hoping to inform prospective students who hope to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Officers from the Hatfield Police Department attended the Job and Career Fair to inform students who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement about the various options available to them.

“We don’t offer jobs to anyone under the age of 21, we’re here more to show you and give you ideas about a career path you could choose, and hopefully perspective people will see that we’re here and want to ask us questions, ” Police Officer Kaylee Plisinski from the Hatfield Police Department said. 

Regardless of the circumstances that brought everyone to the Job and Career Fair, there was no doubt that there were many opportunities available. The job and career fair saves students time from the difficulties of searching for a job and applying to multiple places over the course of a few days. Under one roof, job searching is simplified.