Mock Election: Biden elected next President of the United States


TOWAMENCIN- Navy and columbia. Yep, those are the school colors at North Penn High School. But in a mock election held throughout the day yesterday, the North Penn High School population focused on Democratic blue.

Government teach Brian Haley, along with the help of some of his students, compiled and distributed an election ballot to the NPHS population. Students Catherine Cavanaugh and Riley Stanton were instrumental in compiling the totals. The ballot included not only the Presidential election, but also local races taking place in each municipality in the NPSD. Voter turnout for the mock election was around 22% with 532 total votes cast.

Here are the results:

President Biden Harris (D) Trump Pence (R)
Jorgensen Cohen (L)
Votes 372 147


PA attn. gen Josh Shapiro (D) Heather Heidelbaugh (R) Daniel Wassmer (Libertarian)
Richard L. Weiss (Green)
Votes 363 108


35 26
PA aud. gen Nina Ahmad (D) TImothy Defoor (R) Jennifer Moore (L)
Olivia Faison (G)
Votes 325 140


40 27
PA st. treas Joe Torsella (D) Stacy L. Garrity (R) Joe Soloski (L)
Timothy Runkle (G)
Votes 338 130


38 26
Congress Dist 1 Brian Fitzpatrick (R) Christina Finello (D)
Votes 156 196


Rep in 53rd Steve Malagari (D) Miles Arnott (R)
Votes 194 56


Con Dist 4 Madeleine Dean (D) Kathy Barnette (R)
Votes 126 50


Rep in 61st Lis Hanbidge (D) Lisa Friebel (R)
Votes 127 49


Rep in 151st Jonathan Kassa (D) Todd Stephens (R)
Votes 61 45