Enact club hosts Hop into Spring event

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Children smiling for a picture while working on their crafts

TOWAMENCIN- Children and their families in the community had an adventurous morning during Enact Club’s first Hop into Spring Event held on Saturday, April 13th. With all its success, parents were eager for more events to come and most importantly, the kids were leaving the event with smiles and excitement shown on their faces.

“It was heartwarming to see how much people were interested in learning more about the environment and trying to show their kids as well,” expressed Enact club president Dyani Clark.

The event had various activities including storytelling, a scavenger hunt, an environmental education game, and an arts n’ crafts station to end the morning. The event allowed the kids to not just learn about the environment but to also have fun outdoors.

Hannah Nguyen
Kids playing with toys in the waiting station before their adventure

The planning of the event required hard work, creativity, and dedication. Students had to figure out how to educate kids about the environment in a way that allowed them to interact with each other and their surroundings.

“The planning started over a year ago and we came up with a general idea of what we wanted accomplished and brainstormed different ideas to help push that to younger kids and people in the community,” Clark explained.

The groups began their adventure with a story time session. All cozy on top of the blankets surrounded by nature, the kids were all engaged in popular books about nature and how to care for it.

The kids were also able to walk around the nature trail to find specific things living in the trail. The kids showed their curiosity and excitement to learn while the adults took in the beauty of the outdoors.

Another one of the activities the kids got to do was based on the game, Oh Deer! But in this case, it was called Oh Bunny! because of the event’s Easter-like theme.

“We wanted people to learn about natural selection and animal reproduction and the importance of nature for animals so we made a game covering all those topics,” said Clark.

To end the morning, the kids got to create adorable looking crafts made out of recycled toilet paper rolls. The kids loved creating their own bunnies, cacti, and even the epitome of an environmental figure: The Lorax.

“My favorite part of the event was seeing the artwork that the kids made and seeing them have fun while also helping the environment,” said Enact club member Alison Kulak.

The event was a complete success thanks to all the Enact club members and most importantly the families who came out to the event. The club members were happy to see everything work out as they planned and even got positive feedback from the families who participated.

Hannah Nguyen
A child smiling next to her artwork

“The most successful part was the planning on our end, we took our time planning everything that when the event came, everything ran smoothly and it turned out great in the end,” Clark said.

“The best thing about the event was seeing how much fun the children and families that attended were having. It was great to be able to educate community members about some environmental topics while also helping them have a great time,” said Enact club advisor John Collier.

This event is just the first of many to come. The club is eager to show the community what else they have to offer for the future.

“We’d love to host this event again next year, and maybe more community events as well.  Both the families and the club members had a great time and are looking forward to more,” Collier commented.