KC Promposal Contest; Vote for your favorite


After reading through all the entries vote for your favorite promposal at the bottom. Voting will begin on April 10th at 8am and will end April 11th at 8 pm. There is no limit to how many votes you can cast or receive so encourage your friends and family to vote as well! The winner will be announced April 12th on the Morning Show.

Alayna and Michael:

I wanted to ask Alayna to prom in a special way, and what’s a better way than asking in Disney? I wanted to make her feel special and surprised at the same time so this was the perfect way to do it, Hopefully I made her experience at the most magical place on earth special!









Fahim and Fayeeza:


My prom posal consists of a joke from the office. One of the main characters, Dwight, is known to say “FALSE!” at almost every situation. Fayeeza Tarannum loves the show, so this worked out great. In addition, both of our birthday’s are this month. It would mean a lot and act as a great birthday gift if we won this contest!







Michael and Sarah:

I wrote a fake presidential letter that’s all serious until the last paragraph asking her to prom. There’s also a chocolate cake with prom written on it









Anthony and Grace:

I wanted to ask my friend Grace to prom in Disney but I didn’t want to do it like a lot of people had before like with a poster, so I made a shirt instead. So I wore it under another shirt and when we were passing the castle in magic kingdom I quickly took off the other shirt and grabbed the flowers I got and asked her in front of the castle.







Isaac and Megan:

For my promposal to Megan Poley, I decided to use one of our favorite inside jokes. We double over in laughter at the “Grape lady Falls” video every time we hear it. So, naturally, I decided to get creative and make some puns to surprise her. Sadly, I did not fall out of the bucket, but she very happily accepted my invitation to fall for me at prom.







Shannon and Lambert:

We’ve been dating for over a year now and we’ve already been to two proms together- my junior prom and his senior prom both last year. I surprised him at West Chester, where he goes to college, with this poster!








Madisen and Tim:

We’ve been dating for over a year now and we go to the same diner almost every weekend and order the same thing from the menu each time. It’s our favorite place! Today, I took him and had the staff put together a little surprise on the specials board. He said yes!







Ethan and Lan:

On the senior trip in Disney we were at Magic Kingdom when I promposed. I secretly spoke to a caricature artist upon my arrival at the park and told him the plan. When we walked by the artist later I suggested getting a sketch done, so we did. We sat down for a while as he sketched and painted, then he turned the canvas around…






Min and Holly:

You can’t spell “Minnie” without Min.  To make my senior year special and memorable, I decided to prompose to Holly in front of Cinderella’s castle during the senior Disney trip. While I was struggling with making a pickup line, my friend Veronica Leite helped me to come up with this line: “Holly, will you be my MINnie at Prom?” And luckily, she said yes!





Christian and Liz:

I covered her car, surprised her, and put post it notes all over the car and filled it with balloons that said “prom?” on them.








Aidan and Brooke:

I promposed with a sign saying “Hey! Wanna Be FRIENDS @ PROM?”   The idea car from me actually recommending the show to Brooke and then her love thereafter for the show so the Friends theme with the logo in the poster seemed nice and cool and also some white roses to add to it.







Alyssa and Nick:

He “crashed” the end of my practice parading in with my two best friends in inflatable dino suits, he was wearing a raptor mask while riding a hoverboard, and his brother was holding 6 bouquets of flowers along with blasting the Jurassic Park theme song on an old boombox(an inside joke because it was the first trilogy he made me watch and we both love dinos a lot). He then proceeded to hold up posters with dinosaur puns and finally with one last poster asking “PROM?”

Sam and Suzin:


Two weeks ago i planned out this promposal and started making the poster. Then i took a 19 hour drive to kansas and 1,316 miles later i surprised her with her favorite flowers, chocolate and a modified quote from her favorite musical Cats





Marlena and Jaiden:

I asked my boyfriend Jaiden  (who goes to Lasalle) using Breaking Bad references. He watched the show about a month ago and convinced me to watch it and we both loved it so much so I decided to ask him using the characters and the themes from the show.








Darsh and Puja:

I did my promposal Friday March 29th. I wrote my line on the board and told my physics teacher to call for a volunteer and he would just pick Puja since she sits closer to the front of the room. In the mean time I pretended to go to the bathroom. I went to another class to get flowers a poster that says PROM and chocolates. And the rolls the board to the side and reads the board and I walk in with flowers and chocolate with the sign.



Liz and Patrick:



I thought I was going over to babysit when Pat surprised me, he had his nephews help ask me with a sign that said “do not let our uncle go solo” and asked me with a sign made of solo cups!



Isabelle and Lewis:

I asked my best friend, Lewis Edwards to senior Prom. It took four days of planning between his mom, his sister, and myself to make sure this worked!






Haley and Brandon:


Brandon took me out to get ice cream (my favorite food) and then after we were done he went to his car and pulled out the poster and goldfish!






Paulina and Fran:


Fran promposed at my first dance competition of the year! He organized the whole event with my dance teachers and even emailed the competition director to get it approved! He surprised me during the awards ceremony and came out on stage with a sign in front of the full auditorium! Best surprise ever everyone loved it!




Paul and Caitlin:




We went to the mall, and I had to run to the car to grab her water bottle. I came back with a poster, plush bunny with chocolate, and bunny ears and I asked her. She said yes and the people in the food court clapped.