AAAC presents Colors of Pride: A Day in the Life

AAAC preform a dance with music played by NPHS CMT.

TOWAMENCIN- North Penn’s African American Awareness Club (AAAC) held its annual Colors of Pride event in honor of Black History month. The program brought together students, families, and staff members to discuss current issues within the African American community and to also appreciate and share the culture.

“It helps us communicate with others who aren’t our race so we could better explain each other,” mentioned executive board member Tyler Johns.

The event would not be able to happen without the dedication of the AAAC members. With months of preparation, the event was a success leaving an impact on both the audience and the performers.

“It’s a learning experience for people of color especially because we learn more about ourselves because we all have our own experiences so we come together and we talk about our own problems,” shared executive board member Alexandra Brisset.

The presentation began with the African American anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” performed by Maya Owens. The program also featured poems, videos, a skit, and a dance performance. It showcased the realities of code switching, colorism, and society’s influence on the African American community.

“There are touchy subjects that need to be talked about and people need to see the reality of what people of color are going through,” said emcee Amir Harrell.

The reality is that this isn’t just something showcased on tv or in movies, it’s real life. The Colors of Pride assembly only showed the audience how real these current issues are.

“It’s important to be aware of your own culture where you live because this is a predominantly white area. Even though North Penn is very diverse, it’s still hard sometimes when you’re the only black person in your class. It gives us a sense of home in that we have a family so we all recognize what problems we go through,” said executive board member Ashley Davis.

The event was full of representation and phenomenal performances by talented students who hold pride in their roots and opinions.