U-Knight to Inspire initiative up and running

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U-Knight to Inspire initiative up and running

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TOWAMENCIN – Since 1988 the North Penn Education Foundation has been fundraising money for the students in the North Penn School District. Since 2010 the foundation has funded $109,578 worth of projects in North Penn High School and $30,000 in the middle schools. They fund many of the field trips and clubs that create fond memories that most students look back on. Students and Facility across the district can donate to this nonprofit organization in many ways.

First, the faculty can donate as apart of their salary or separately. The different ways to donate include; a deduction on every paycheck can be taken of the salary, a one time donation (when asked if the donation is in honor or memory of an individual and write “Staff Giving Opportunity”), a cash or check donation (send this form to Christine Liberaski via the courier, postal mail or by dropping it off at the ESC), donate a vacation or personal day, or building spirit days (if you want to get involved or have a great idea, contact Kristen Panaski or Mike Boyer). These opportunities are for the staff only. As a reward for donating, there is a raffle with an option of prizes and you can pick which prize your raffle tickets go into.

However, the amount that is donated (total) correlates to how many raffle tickets you receive.

  • $75 – $149 donation = 1 chance to win the gift of your choice
  • $150 – $224 donation = 2 chances to win the gift of your choice
  • $225 – $299 donation = 3 chances to win the gift of your choice
  • $300 and over donation = 4 chances to win the gift of your choice

Then the prize options include:

  • Two Tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins game on December 3rd with seats in section 108 and a parking pass.
  • Spa Day for two at Rapunzel’s
  • An Apple Watch (series 4)
  • Four Dorney Park Season Passes

But teachers are not the only ones who can donate. The North Penn Education Foundation has been running a U-Knight to Inspire fundraiser and next week, the 22nd through 25th, it will be the students turn to participate. There will be a Penny War going on during lunch in the Senior Cafe with three jars for each class.

In a Penny War, any coins that go into your class jar will count towards the total points, but any bills will count against it. Therefore, you want to put coins in your class jar and bills in another classes’ jar. If you were a senior and put a dollar bill into the sophomore classes’ jar then that would be minus 100 points, since there is 100 pennies in a dollar. In turn, that means a quarter is 25 points, a dime is 10, a nickel is 5, and so on.

Submitted Photo
The 2018 State Champion Unified Bocce team is one of many initiatives who benefited from funding from the NPSD Education Foundation.

There is a reward for the class that tallies up the most amount of points by the end of 7th period lunch on the 25th. The following day is Friday, which means the Morning Show will air for the first 10 minutes of first period. On this addition of Mornings, whichever class receives the most points will be able to pie either their Class Adviser or Assistant Principal.

If you are not a student of faculty, there are still ways to donate. Through this link you can donate. The benefits of donating ripple throughout the district and into each student’s heart. The Foundation provides grants for many of the field trips, clubs, and organizations that students have participated in throughout their schooling careers at North Penn. This year the Mural Project, K-Day, Unified Bocce, Robotics Club, and many other activities and events have been funded by donations.

Kristen Panaski, a Health and Physical Education teacher at North Penn High School remarked, “These [donations] all come back to the district events that you [students] smile about and remember. It is for a truly good cause and its for events everyone remembers.”

The North Penn Education Foundation is a fundamental part of the North Penn School District. By adding so much joy into the lives of Kindergartners through Seniors, donating will keep the Foundation strong. Next week, consider participating in either the Penny War or just donating to help make someone’s day next year.

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