Knight Crier to host School Board Candidates Forum

Opportunity to meet and hear from the candidates running for NPSD Board of School Directors in the November 7th election.


TOWAMENCIN – Last October our country was captivated by the presidential campaign and the many debates that preceded the election. While this year isn’t a presidential election, the local races on the November 7th ballot can have a significant impact on the daily lives of resident, parents, and students in the community.  The North Penn School Board election is coming up this November with four seats open for 4-year terms and one seat open for a 2-year term.

On Wednesday, October 18th, at 7:00pm, North Penn High School’s Auditorium will be the scene of a Town Hall Q and A for the school board candidates to talk about issues in the community and in the schools. The Knight Crier Staff is hosting the School Board Town Hall for the community, so that everyone is able to meet and listen to the candidates running in the election.

Candidates from both the Quality Education Matters and North Penn Neighbors for Progress parties will all be attending, including: Frank O’Donnell, Josie Charnock, Pat McGee,Tom Mancini, Michelle Rupp, Christian Fusco,  Jonathan Kassa, Tina Stoll,  Mark Warren, and Jenna Ott. It is a big year for the School Board election as two incumbents, longtime board members Vince Sherpinsky and Tim Kerr,  are not running for reelection.

Not only is it important for the adults and parents in the North Penn School District, but it is also important for the students and community members. Board decisions directly affect taxes, students’ school environment and facilities, extracurriculars, courses, school policies, and new staffing, among many other issues that confront the NPSD.

“One of the most important aspects of the Town Hall is that it is going to be run by the Knight Crier Staff. It’s a great opportunity for North Penn’s young journalists to use their skills in a way that gives back to the community,” explained Knight Crier Editor in Chief Anissa Gardizy.

At the Town Hall, the Knight Crier Staff will be the moderators, timekeepers, narrators, organizers, publishers, and coordinators. There are a total of 10 issues that could be brought up such as Facilities, Taxes, Budget, NP’s Diverse Population, School/Class Size, Charter Schools/Vouchers, Drug Use/Safety, Full Day Kindergarten, Inclusion, and Innovation. Before the question is asked, a Knight Crier staff member will provide a brief summary about the issue, informing the audience about the topic. Following the initial question and answer, the moderators will monitor a brief discussion.

Community question submissions are encouraged, but must be submitted ahead of time. Community members in interested in posing a question to the candidates can email the question submission to [email protected] and include your name, town, and question. There will  also be a chance to enter question submissions before the Town Hall, at a table located that evening in the NPHS auditorium lobby. Questions submissions will be accepted up until 6:45pm.  

“The Town Hall is important because the North Penn community will gain useful information which will help them elect the best members to the school board. Its also important to the students because it is an easy way for them to learn how elections and government affect them directly. Some of our students will be eligible to vote for the first time in November; this forum is a great way for them to brush up on the issues that affect our school,” added Knight Crier Executive Editor Mikaela Mosley.



WHEN: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th, 2017;  7:00pm