Help- it’s Spirit Week and I don’t know what to do

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Help- it’s Spirit Week and I don’t know what to do

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TOWAMENCIN- North Penn’s annual homecoming game is coming up, and along with it, Spirit Week. The most enthusiastic week at North Penn starts today, and this article will give you the tips and tricks on how to make it your best one yet.

Monday: Merica’ Monday

Do find the patriotic clothes you only wear on the 4th of July! American themed shirts, shorts, socks, sunglasses, and hats are all welcome. Don’t have anything American themed? Just wear the colors red, white, and blue to show your school spirit! Monday’s weather looks like 80 degrees with possible thunderstorms, so Amercian rain boots or umbrellas may be a smart choice.

Don’t be one of the kids who forgets it is the first day of spirit week. Be sure to set a reminder in your phone if you think you might forget.

Tuesday: Superhero Tuesday

Do expect to see the hallways filled with anything from Batman, to Spiderman, and even Mr. Incredible! If you have an old Halloween costume, that would be ideal, but if not, you can always get together with some friends and coordinate your outfits by making DIY shirts or capes. Tuesday looks like it will be a 86 degrees and sunny for all of the superheroes out there.

Don’t skip school because you decided to be Invisibility Man or Woman; it doesn’t count as participation!

Wednesday: Fashion Disaster Day

Do get excited if it usually takes you a long time to pick out an outfit in the morning; this day is for you. Polka dots and stripes, sneakers and dresses, athletic attire and dress shoes: the list of fashion disasters is endless. You can expect the temperature to be in the 80’s as you plan, or don’t plan, your fashion disaster.

Don’t feel self conscious about your crazy outfit! Students always admire those who get out of their comfort zone during Spirit Week.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Do get ready to see who the “cool” kids were in elementary school by how many Silly Bandz students have on their wrists. That’s right; you can throw it back to Ancient Rome, the 50’s, or even 2005.

Don’t throw it back to Fashion Disaster Wednesday, because it will most likely not be an outfit people want to see twice.

Friday: North Penn Spirit Day

Do wear your homecoming shirt if you were one of the 557 students who bought the homecoming pregame package. The shirt is also your ticket to the blacklight pep rally at the end of the school day, so make sure you have it on. If you didn’t buy a shirt, wear anything North Penn themed so that the whole building is filled with North Penn pride.

Don’t forget to go to the football game on Friday, September 23rd as North Penn faces Pennridge, and the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced.

Be sure to tweet your Spirit Week attire to @NPSGA for the chance to win free homecoming packages. May the most spirited students win!

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