Students Welcomed with New Courtyard


Brad Rosenberger

Students enjoy the new courtyard on a rare Sunny September day

Jessica Paradysz, Staff Writer

Current juniors and seniors can remember back to the end of last year when the muddy, grassy area outside of the cafeteria became a construction zone with a chain link fence and the constant sound of machines.

In June, the area did not look like much but by the time the first day of school arrived the vacant spot was transformed. Sophomores might not be able to fully grasp the magnitude of this change, yet it has been in the making for far longer than it took to build it. Students only saw a blueprint last year, but the concept existed for many years.

            Ms. Young presided over the project which was funded by donations from the classes of 2003-2010. “Instead of leaving several “smaller” class gifts, the classes of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 combined all remaining class funds to put towards a larger school improvement project that would benefit the students and staff of North Penn High School,” explained Young. As for how much money was raised, “each class contributed a different amount depending on how much fundraising took place each year, but there was a significant amount of money donated to the courtyard as a class gift from the Classes of 2003-2010.”

            Raising the funds to build the courtyard was only part of the battle due to the fact that “it takes time to come up with an idea, create plans, figure out costs of materials and labor, and finally break ground on construction.” Young states that students and staff did have input in the design and adds that “the courtyard is an ongoing project and many things will be added as the years continue. The contributing classes will also be recognized in some way for their fundraising efforts and class gift donations.”

The students and staff had some time to admire the new area, and are optimistic.

“While teaching summer school I observed some of the progress of the reconstruction of the courtyard, and I think the change is amazing”, said Ms. Pat Russo, an English teacher at NPHS. “I think it is a beautiful addition and I hope that the students enjoy it.” Joe Claffey, a senior, added “I like the new courtyard, it’s cool. It could use some trees though.”

At last, the construction of the courtyard is a success and all who have worked on the project should be proud of the finished product.  Surely when the weather is nice many people can relax on the benches and hang out in the sun during lunch. The new courtyard was made to be enjoyed by all of the students today and in the years that follow.