Music Fills Stadium at Knight of Sound

Edward Yeh

Alison Wallach, Staff Writer

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Twirling flags and swift-moving feet served as visual delights to accompany the brilliant sounds of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments that filled the air at North Penn High School’s annual Knight of Sound on Saturday, September 24.

            Although this was the 38th year Crawford Stadium held this U.S. Scholastic Band Association competition, band members of North Penn High School’s own Marching Knights felt that they performed especially well this year.

“The main difference between this year and all other years is that for the first time in decades, we preformed our entire show at Knight of Sound. Everybody was incredibly excited and worked hard to achieve this goal. We’re the furthest we’ve been in years,” Captain of the Woodwind section Steph Espie said, speaking from her experience as a senior band member who has been a part of the Marching Knights since her sophomore year.

An exciting new addition to North Penn’s music program this year is the creation of a Football Band, specifically geared towards those high school and middle school students who may be interested in becoming fulltime members of the Marching Knights in the future or to those whose schedules are too demanding to make all the practices of the marching band. Joining the Marching Knights in performing the National Anthem to open this year’s Knight of Sound, participants in the Football Band got a taste of what it’s like to perform in a competition setting.

Ending a successful evening of entertaining music from 11 local bands, the Marching Knights presented this season’s show themed “High Flight” to a sizeable audience at Crawford Stadium, and made this year’s Knight of Sound a knight to remember.

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