Airpods- the latest ubiquitous tech-trend


When style trend meets technology - Air pods are the latest combination of a trend and a technology advancement .

It’s impossible for anyone nowadays to be completely unaware of the new sensation sweeping the nation: AirPods. For those few among you who don’t know, AirPods are an Apple product released in 2016, being wireless ear-buds with bluetooth functionality, and Apple is currently working on an improved Season 2 version.

AirPods can be summed up nicely as just wireless ear-buds, but they still have exploded in popularity. This can partially be attributed to their initially rarity and expensive price, similar to the ‘Supreme’ brand of clothing. Similarly, they appear to be turning into something of a fashion trend. When you think about it, one glaring design flaw is that because of their wireless nature, they become so easy to lose.

AirPods seemed to transform from a new technological device to a fad. Fads are certainly strange, fickle things. According to this article (, fads die out quickly due to the consumer’s desire for novelty, and new editions are instantly purchased simply because of the new functions while the older versions are discarded and forgotten. This system can apply to many different areas, such as games, technology, fashion, and even (or most importantly), memes.

Even Apple itself demonstrated it with the dozens of different versions of the I-Phone.

This is not to imply that fads are positive or negative, but it is the simple science that the consumer seeks novelty over anything else. Very rarely is anyone satisfied with an older version of a body, at least among the younger crowd. It is also something of a social phenomenon, as sometimes individuals are pressured to participate in fads to stay ‘with it.’

For all we know, AirPods will be the hottest sensation today to an antique tomorrow.

But so what? It’s convenient.