Tebow Starts in Six

Ray Gerhart, Staff Writer

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With the NFL trade deadline quickly approaching it is a good week to wait it out and see what NFL teams try to do. Despite a slow fantasy week there are one or two ways you can make a big splash in your league.

The first way is the Tebow factor. Tim Tebow who has had his name chanted by Bronco fans for 5 weeks finally gets his chance. Tebow, a dual threat quarterback who was called the greatest college football player of all time, has shined in his few opportunities in the league.

The Tebow factor is not just how he plays on the field. It is how last year he lead all NFL jersey sales, as a backup quarterback. It is also how even before the first game of the season the entire fan base chanted his name over starting quarterback Kyle Orton.

The other thing you can do is trade, trade, trade. With the NFL trade deadline coming up big name players and big point scorers might be going to better teams. So you should try in this week to boost your team with traded players such as Derrick Mason, the newly acquired Texans receiver.


Jabar Gaffney and Santana Moss — (WSH). WR – Against a questionable Eagles defense this pair of Redskin receivers could have a big day. Entering the season under the radar and without high expectations helped the Redskins excel to their division leading record of  3-1.

Colt McCoy — (CLE). QB – McCoy has been not stellar but consistent, last week the Browns called upon his arm 61 times. This week against a Raiders defense that gives up an average of 20 points a game look for a spike in McCoy’s production.


Brandon Marshall — (MIA). WR – This week Marshall is visiting Revis Island, and with quarterback Matt Moore throwing the ball I have 0 faith in Marshall this week. His comments about hoping to be thrown out in the 2nd quarter also should scare away fantasy owners.

Texans D/ST – The loss of Mario Williams is a huge blow to the Texans defense that let up 25 points against a less than stellar Raiders offense. With the Ravens coming off of a bye week and with weapons like Ray Rice and Torrey Smith the Texans will hang in there but shouldn’t be your defense of choice.

It is a wait and see type week for fantasy owners, if you keep up with trade news in the league it could translate to fantasy success but trade smart and think with your head not your heart.

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