Week Four Fantasyland

Ray Gerhart, Staff Writer

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If you have been wondering what people are saying when they mention “their league” or how they have to “set up their roster”, have no fear you don’t need to be in the dark anymore, it’s just fantasy football.

Fantasy football works just like real football. Before the NFL season starts you get together with your friends and form a league and make a team. Your league then holds a draft. The goal of the draft is to essentially create a “dream team” or a team that could only be made in a fantasy. You pick from every player in the NFL trying form the best possible team so you can win your league, which is comparable to the Super bowl.

Now that we are all familiar with what fantasy football is I am going to try to give you advice as to who to trade, pick up, drop, start, or sit in week four of he 2011-2012 season.




Torrey Smith – (WR Bal).

Smith, a rookie out of Maryland, had a stellar week filling in for the injured Lee Evans, Smith caught five passes for 152 yards and three touchdowns, and racked up a monstrous 34 fantasy points. Buyer beware though, Smith suffered a hamstring injury and is listed as questionable for week four. I would still advise picking him up as soon as possible before other people in your league read this.


Nate Washington – (WR Ten.)

Washington will step into the number one receiver spot now that star wide-out Kenny Britt is done for the season. Washington has had three decent weeks but now that he is thrust into the number one position he might be a valuable add, especially if you can drop Britt and pick him up.




Ben Tate – (RB Hou.)

I know that Tate has done a good job filling in for the injured Arian Foster but remember Foster will come back. Maybe not immediately but Tate’s stock is as hot as it can get right now and I am expecting it to cool off in the coming weeks. If you can trade Tate for a solid back or receiver, you will have made out great.


Chris Johnson – (RB Ten.)

After holding out for all of training camp and then getting a huge contract Johnson has done very little for fantasy owners, he might pick up his game eventually but that is a waiting game I wouldn’t play. If you traded Johnson you could probably get another high profile player because Johnson’s 2000 yard season is still in the fore front of fantasy owner’s minds




Santonio Holmes – (WR Nyj.)

Holmes had a disappointing week three and probably won’t do much better against the Baltimore Ravens defense who has All- Pro safety Ed Reed. Sit Holmes and hope he bounces back from the slump he is in.


Reggie Bush – (RB Mia.)

Bush had a great first week but then had a huge fall from grace once rookie Daniel Thomas took over the starting position. Don’t expect Thomas to have a good game either against a strong San Diego Charger defense.


You need to take the ebbs and flows of fantasy as they come, people could have a great week, or a not so great week. Players get injured and replacements come in, it might be a fantasy but it is a tough world.

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