TGIT moments that will make you OMG

With a big bowl filled with spaghetti and my sister and mother joining me for our favorite shows, it was time for yet another TGIT. I couldn’t stop thinking about the cliffhangers Shonda Rhimes left us with last week, so I was pumped for this week’s episodes. The feeling of being totally unaware of what to expect and also the weight of my predictions started to cloud my thoughts, so without further adieu, here are my opinions, thoughts and OMG moments of TGIT night.


Grey’s Anatomy:

The episode begins with one word that can describe it: awkwardness. Maggie is awkward about her mom undergoing surgery, Meredith is always about the situation with Nathan, and Arizona is feeling especially awkward that Dr. Webber saw her with Dr. Minnick. The first conflict of the night revealed that Maggie’s mother hadn’t told her that she has cancer yet. You can tell a fight fueled by mother-daughter tension is going to form. Maggie is under the impression that her mom is getting her breasts enhanced instead of getting surgery to remove cancerous cells from her breasts.

The next thing that starts to stir up trouble is the fact that Amelia starts working at the hospital again, side by side with her husband Owen. She keeps running away from her responsibilities and duties she made when she married him, and Owen isn’t tolerating any of it. Who could blame the guy? He’s been living alone while his wife is avoiding him. I would be furious if i were him.

As the episode continues on, Riggs pressures Meredith to give him an answer on if they’re an item. After his constant jokes and her friends’ opinions about him, she reaches a conclusion and tells him, “This isn’t up to me to make a choice, it’s up to you to give me a reason.”

Maggie’s mother finally tells Maggie about her breast cancer before her surgery takes place and poor Maggie doesn’t know how to feel. She feels betrayed by her mother and Jackson because they never told her. Maggie asks Jackson why he didn’t tell her because they’re friends but he says he is also her mother’s doctor and she didn’t want to tell Maggie.

The next scene is…surprise: a fight between married couple Amelia and Owen. Amelia is way too complicated! She’s trying to point the finger at Owen for being the bad guy in their fight even though she’s the one who ran out on him. Amelia is tired of being the damaged one, and she’s scared to have another baby since her first one only survived for 43 minutes. She doesn’t know if Owen will be able to handle the possibility tay the baby could die. Way to stay positive Amelia.


Webber finally speaks with his best friend Arizona and he talks about how he doesn’t want to be the person to take sides against people. He just needs time to get used to it. Arizona responds with a simple “take all the time you need.”

Here it comes, one of the biggest confessions of the season: Andrew is in love with Jo! Can I just say that I predicted this ever since Alex beat him up? Jo has always been a little sensitive about the subject and has helped Andrew get back up on his feet. The question is, how is Alex gonna react to this? He nearly killed Andrew when he thought he was sleeping with Jo, so what’s he going to do when Andrew actually does sleep with Jo?

Riggs confesses he can’t give Meredith a good reason, but he describes the moments he started to see how beautiful Meredith is and that wins her over. She tells him, “Now you have to ask me out to dinner.”



The episode opens with Quinn trying to find where Olivia is, so she seeks help from Huck, who is scary good at everything he does. He finds Olivia alone and she asks Huck for a huge favor; she wants Huck to kill her father because he killed the president. Huck is the only person Olivia trusts for the job but he has serious issues with doing this job since the last time Olivia wanted Huck to kill her dad, he was punished by being given the duty of removing an innocent man’s skin from his body with a razor blade. He pleads to Liv saying, “You need to be sure,” and Olivia is. Huck agrees, and I can already feel the dinner in my stomach churning. Every time Scandal has an episode highlighting Huck’s actions, it’s always a extremely disturbing and I have trouble falling asleep. I can already tell this is going to be one of those episodes because Huck goes into his closet of weapons and takes out a tool box.

Huck follows Ely to execute the job, but gets caught by him. Unarmed, Ely offers Huck something more than his life: the truth. He dishes the truth about how the cabal threatened the love of his life and Olivia. He tells Huck that he needs to find out who in Olivia’s inner circle is acting as a traitor and always has a clear shot to kill olivia. Looks like Poppa Pope actually has a heart.

Huck investigates his co workers and accuses Quinn of being the traitor and she is furious he would even think she would be capable of killing Olivia.

Meg, Huck’s girlfriend, wants Olivia to look into her best friend’s murder (not really murder because Jennifer is still alive and she doesn’t know) and wants to speak to her face to face. This raises red flags for Huck since he’s still keeping an eye out for the traitor among them.

Huck visits Becky in prison to learn how she played him in the past. She thinks that Huck’s girlfriend is using the same tactics as what she did: a sob story as a hair and hook. Huck is scary, but he has a soft spot for sob stories.

Huck calls Olivia and claims Ely has changed and he’s fallen in love. Olivia is livid because she believes people can’t change and her father is the epitome of evil. She says if Huck won’t complete the job, she’ll find someone who will, but who exactly? I thought she only trusts Huck. It’s not like Olivia to give empty threats.

Huck forces the truth out of Meg after he spied on her in the park. The same woman who was threatening Ely came to sit next to Meg and Huck couldn’t take any chances. He is convinced Meg works for her, but the innocent girl doesn’t know anything about her. No wonder Huck chases away anyone who could remotely care about him. He’s just scary!

Huck believes Ely’s story but Olivia and the rest of the crew don’t buy it. They think Huck was just sucked into this lie and he can’t think straight anymore. Olivia sends Quinn to finish the job, and Huck to bury Sandra’s body. While burying the body, Huck finds a chip in Sandra’s head with video footage from the night she died. After seeing the footage, Olivia calls Quinn to stand down and not kill her father.

Olivia goes to Meg and tells her that Huck had good intentions and “people can change.” This is a huge mistake because she tells Meg that her best friend is alive and Huck takes her to see Jennifer only for Neg to shoot and kill her. Looks like Huck’s suspicions were right because the next one to get shot is him.

The Catch:

Tommy wants to disappear with the money completely so he asks Reese for a new social security number, passport, and new identity completely. Alice is worried because the money issued to Tommy is drug money and the Feds or the criminals will come looking for him very soon. This doesn’t phase him at all because when Alice leaves to take a phone call, he leaves a note on a bottle of booze saying, “I’m sorry.”

Danny and Sophie go to see Margot as she tries to figure out who hired the Hammer to kill her. The Hammer who is now working for her gives Sophie all the information she needs to investigate who was behind the plan of killing Margot.

There is a new walk-in client at the firm and he’s looking for-SURPRISE- Tommy. He says that Tommy stole money from him and his associates (the $3 million) and now knows where to find Alice and Val if he doesn’t find Tommy. That’s basically a death threat in case you didn’t pick that up.

Val seeks help in an old friend with the LAPD named Nick and asks him to find Tommy and she will give him the case with the south-line drug cartel that he ensures him the job of chief of police.

Tommy buys Sophie an apology gift for leaving her after they had a spur of the moment date. He buys her $10,000 diamond earrings which gives her much more than dazzling ears; it gives the gem their first lead on Tommy’s whereabouts.

Reece is having second thoughts about helping Tommy and tries to talk him out of it. Alice wastes no time in returning the earrings and discovers Reece is helping her brother disappear.

She barges into Reece’s place while he’s awaiting someone he’s trying to out-con for work. She’s furious and scours the place looking for Tommy and disappears with the information she needs to find him.

The Hammer needs a finger to ship to the people who hired him and label the finger as Margot’s to prove that she’s dead. The Hammer thinks he can just pick any woman’s finger but Sophie objects and contacts a friend who works at the morgue. She gives the hammer the finger and he replies, “Thank you, but I don’t get you anything.” Ew! How creepy!

The member from the cartel finds Tommy and tries to kill him for the money. Lucky for Tommy, big sister Alice steps in to save him and earns him 24 hours to find the missing money he thought he had in his backpack. When they return to the firm, Alice gets Tommy arrested because he pretended to not to know anything about the drug cartel. He was working with them secretly and asked for some money, hence the $3 million deposited in his account. The one thing Alice could think that was good for him is doing his time in jail. Smart move, Alice.

The Hammer is making moves on Sophie and buys her a $3,000 bottle of bourbon as a gift for getting him a finger. Sophie thanks him, but tells him straight up that they will never be friends.

The episode ends with the strangest hook up ever: Danny and Margot!

The episode ends with Reese confessing that he stole Tommy’s money and Ben and Alice fight over where it goes.