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Album Review-Playing Her Guitar Suite EP

Dan Sardaro, Staff Writer

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Born from the influences of the Beatles, the Byrds, the Smithereens, and Queen comes the Los Angeles band Rip N’ Time, who recently released their new EP Playing Her Guitar Suite. They are a smooth, charismatic sound that incorporates the airy guitar riffs and steady rock beat distinctive of the 70s and 80s. Altogether, Playing Her GuitarSuite is a respectable start to their already professional sounding band.

With the opening track Playing Her Guitar, the band sets a good foundation for what follows in the rest of the album. The song is introduced with echoing guitar, backed up by a simple bass. Lush vocals are then introduced that seem to float by the listener, and melodic backgrounds back them up. This track really exemplifies the influences the band takes from Queen; even the harmonizing of the later Beatles shines through.

The second song on the album, Twisting Road, is a good follow up to the previous track, providing some contrast, although a little repetitive at certain points. Despite the lengthiness, the opening guitar riffs are a great way to kick off the song, and continue throughout the track. And although no vocals are included, the guitar speaks for itself in a good lead for the song. The bass and drums keep that same rock beat and seal the band together.

The final recording is Suite Dream. It’s an effective way to end the EP, and it definitely lives up to its name, blending spacy vocals, reverb guitar, and pleasant melodies in the words of the band, a “guitarchestral symphony”. It leaves the listener with a gradual release and eases them out of exactly what the song is called: a ‘suite dream’.

I give Playing Her Guitar Suite, a well-earned 8 out of 10. Their ambient sounds alongside their upbeat drum and guitar really make them sound professional. Even though it seemed as though they were grasping for some new material towards the end, Rip N’ Time really exemplifies that they are capable of composing and materializing a solid first album.

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Album Review-Playing Her Guitar Suite EP