Corropolese Brings Lansdale a Taste of Italian Norristown

Marisa Wherry, Staff Writer

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Upon walking in to Corropolese, an internal struggle arises inside you as you try to decide whether to drift toward the delicious meats on the left or the charming display of sugary goods on the right. Cannolis, sugar cookies, chocolate cakes, and apple crisp delight the eyes and sweet teeth of many, while the sandwiches and lunch meat relieve the demanding hunger of Lansdale residents.

A favorite Italian bakery and deli of Norristown inhabitants, Corropolese has so far been a big hit with Lansdalians; people have been pouring in and out of the bakery/deli for the past week. Corropolese features a wide variety of deli meats, sweet treats, and breads, but the most popular item on the menu is their famous Tomato Pie. They offer different kinds of pie, such as spinach, vegetable, Pepperoni, and of course, the trademark tomato.

An assistant at North Penn High School, Mrs. Lisa Krzemien, grew up on Corropolese’s delicious selection of pastries and doughs, but she raves specifically about their tomato pie. When asked how she felt about Corropolese coming to Lansdale, she replied “I’m ecstatic…I think [Corropolese] is going to be an asset to Lansdale.”

Tucked into The Pavilion on South Broad Street, Corropolese will help revive an otherwise declining shopping center. Many stores have gone in and out of business in the past couple years in The Pavilion, and hopefully this new addition will help generate a good economic spark for Lansdale.

Corropolese owner Gerry Fitzgerald proposed that Corropolese separates itself from other bakeries because “we are open seven days a week and we bake all our own breads, cookies, and tomato pies.”

The one downside to Corropolese fast-growing popularity is that “the early bird gets the worm” often proves to be true. If you wait until after the mid-day rush to pick up a tomato pie, you might find yourself going home empty handed. Just on their second day open for business, Corropolese sold out of 150 tomato pies by three p.m. Corropolese may be enjoying a lot of business because of its new status in the borough, but based on its previous popularity in Norristown, Limerick, and Douglasville, this little piece of Italy will continue to delight Lansdale’s appetite for quite some time.