Meltdown Warms the Tastebuds

Photo courtesy of Meldtown Facebook fan page

Bacon Cheddar Tomato Sandwhich at Meltdown

Jason Keller, Crier Correspondent

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MONTGOMERYVILLE – Where there once was pizza, there’s now grilled cheese. Meltdown, the newest edition of restaurants collected at the 309 and Upper State intersection, moves in to offer some good-old comfort food.

Filling the vacancy that was the sojourned Peace A Pizza, Meltdown grills up nine different sandwiches, including the Baja Melt, Brie Sliders, a BCT, and Cheesy Caprese, along with the rainy day up lifter, Classic, which can be made with either American or cheddar cheese. Nestled in a metal basket layered with printed on wax paper, the sandwiches shine with originality. Infused with cheddar cheese, chicken, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and their very own tortia butter, butter speckled with tortia chips, the Baja Melt looks like a vacation in Mexico squished in between two golden pieces of bread. Meltdown takes you on a trip to France in the “oh si délicieuses” (oh so delicious) Brie sliders, which blends the creaminess of the Brie with the nuttiness of the fontina cheese and sweetness of the pear.

For those with much simpler taste buds, the BCT presents bacon, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes in a nice buttery package. In Meltdown’s last stop, the Cheesy Caprese takes Italy’s famous “insalata” and spins it grilled-cheese style. The small restaurant, glossed with cheddar yellow paint and spatulas hanging off the wall, leads the pack in the frontier of healthier fountain drinks. New Hope Premium Fountain lends their revolutionary product, providing customers healthier soda options with flavors, such as Cola-Cane Cola, Watermelon Cream, Italian Lemon, and Diet Root Beer, which fizzes with an earthier root flavor than other brands such as A&W or Mug. The soda, made with fruit juice, pure cane sugar, and other natural flavors, leaves a carbon footprint ten times less than major leading companies.

Other than the reasonably priced sandwiches, which average around seven dollars, tossed salad and chips are the perfect compliment to any grilled cheese, or tomato soup. And what would be better to finish off the perfect comfort food meal than with a good milk shake or ice cream sandwich? Milkshakes can be ordered in vanilla, chocolate, or black & white, and either chocolate or vanilla ice cream can be nicely placed between two warm slices of moist pound cake, which is then drizzled with vibrant raspberry sauce. Some may call it “generic” and others “hipster,” I say “needed.” Meltdown brings the urban-esq personality that an unknown gem meant for success should have in a suburban area like North Wales, and I hope that unlike its predecessors, it continues on serving up cheesy goodness for a long time.

Rating: THREE STARTS out of FOUR