New Girl on the Comedy Block

Maria Poccia, Staff Writer

Grade: A-

Picture this: three men, one woman, Dirty Dancing, questionably named jar. What do you get when it’s all thrown into an apartment with only one bathroom? Fox’s new quirky half hour comedy New Girl.

Coming out of a bad relationship with a long-term boyfriend, awkward and dorky Jess (Zooey Deschanel) decides to move out of her best friend Cece’s apartment to start a new life. Once she finds her soon-to-be roommates ad on Craigs List, Jess interviews with prickly bartender Nick (Jake M. Johnson), womanizer Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and intense personal trainer Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.), who only take her in as their roommate because Cece works as a model.

Following Jess’ move-in, the audience follows the four roommates as they learn more about each other while hanging out in their apartment.  Deciding to help Jess, who has sobbed over her ex while watching Dirty Dancing for a week straight, Nick, Schmidt, and Coach take Jess out for drinks so she can get back into the dating world, and so that they can reclaim their TV.  Jess, who uses corny pick-up lines, finally snags one of Schmidt’s jerky co-workers and plans for a date with him.

After getting gussied up with Ceces help, Jess goes on her date while the guys go to the hottest party of the year. In a turn of events, the guys go out of their way to help Jess from landing back on the sofa singing “I’ve had the Time of My Life” with a pint of ice cream.

With its quirky humor and cheesy jokes, New Girl will definitely become a familiar television show this season.