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Letter to the Editor- In response to “Faculty Column: Winners Win” published on November 9, 2016

T.J. Gillespie

November 17, 2016

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In response to “Faculty Column: Winners Win” published on November 9, 2016 Winners win. It is a simple maxim and I have no doubt that the message is meant to be inspirational. Worry about the factors that you can control and ignore or overcome the obstacles that you can’t; don’t let externalities limit what you can do. If you prepare to the best of your abilities,...

Reader Seeks Print Edition

May 23, 2012

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To Whom It May Concern: I am a senior and I have talked to many of my friends here at North Penn and we all agree that the Knight Crier should make a printed version of the newspaper with all the senior college choices. I know that you no longer print the newspaper but I think more people would read it if it was printed. In addition, parents and students could keep the paper...

Reader Praises NPHS Students and Arts Program

May 3, 2012

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I was again impressed with the performances of so many NPHS students in the annual musical, THE MUSIC MAN. Commentary by the leads in the recent review can only make you so happy that NPHS has an arts program that is so successful and brings so many community enthusiasts. I am hoping that the school board members were in attendance to witness what this part of the curriculum...

April 11, 2012

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I think you guys should print a newspaper for the last edition of the Knight Crier for this school year. It always was really cool to look at the pages that listed what the senior plans were for the next year, and I think it should be kept a tradition. Thank you.

February 9, 2012

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I told Ms.Machado and Ms.Bud that I would submit as many entries as possible and become the new student judge for Mr. North Penn. with that said since  the announcment said that we can comment as many times as we want, I will be commenting over old and reccent articles from now until the end of the week. Thank You Very much; I hope i win. Jewel Rama Note:  Jewel Rama...

Visitor Praises NPHS

Visitor Praises NPHS

December 2, 2011

Dear Students: I had the honor and the privilege of visiting your awesome school when I attended the IF Arts and Crafts Show. I was very impressed with...

Reaction to Knight Crier

Bill Jacobs, Local Reader

October 17, 2011

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I am so pleased to be one of the first 8,000 readers of your newly formatted KNIGHT CRIER. I have been reading with great interest the stories and videos your staff is producing. Thanks to Mr. Hynes for encouraging you to create such an outstanding high school newspaper. Best wishes to your entire staff.

The New Format

October 12, 2011

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Hello, I think this site is a fantastic idea I love the fact we get the opportunity to see what goes on at North Penn everyday! However, this year I am a senior. I have a concern/question: does this mean there will be no newspaper anymore? I hope we do because as a senior, especially at the end of the year I would like to have a copy of the knight crier as a keepsake because...

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