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Olympian-sized games conclude in Sochi

Olympian-sized games conclude in Sochi

February 26, 2014

With almost 3,000 athletes from 88 countries competing in a total of 98 different events, you could certainly see why Sochi, Russia was one of the largest,...

Magic behind the closed doors

Magic behind the closed doors

Becca Rosenblatt, Staff Writer

February 24, 2014

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TOWAMENCIN – Students sit, watch, and listen to different programs and presentations in the auditorium throughout all three years in North Penn High...

A little insight into… Curling

Caleigh Rich, Staff Writer

February 18, 2014

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As we all know, curling is a relatively unpopular and ignored sport in the Winter Olympics. The difference between the size of the audience for curling versus the size of the audience for other sports like ice hockey, snowboarding, and figure skating is tremendous and certainly noticeable. I don’t think the sport of curling gets that much attention by spectators of the...

Promposals: exceeding expectations

Promposals: exceeding expectations

February 12, 2014

The expectations have hit an ultimate high. Gone is the day were one can simply ask a girl to prom via a brief encounter in the hallway between classes. ...

Paper – Facebook’s saving grace?

Ella Lundquist, Editor In Chief

February 5, 2014

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As many of us get ready to pull the plug on Facebook in favor of other means of social media , Facebook released a new app on Tuesday in an attempt to keep their wavering "Friends" online. The new App called “Paper” is Facebook’s latest attempt to reinvent itself. So will it work and keep us on Facebook? After hearing some buzz about the app on the radio, I decided...

Experiencing Groundhog Day

Experiencing Groundhog Day

February 3, 2014

PUNXSUTAWNEY – With a spur of the moment decision at midnight to go see the groundhog’s day celebration in person, I found myself departing in the...

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