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FILE - This Oct. 24, 2019 file photo shows Robert De Niro at the Los Angeles premiere of

An honest review of The Irishman

December 10, 2019

Netflix’s “The Irishman” is an instant classic that beautifully portrays an epic tale of power and loyalty; they are not the same, but one canno...

The past decade had some interesting fashion trends that could come back in the future.

Top Ten Fashion Trends of the Decade

December 10, 2019

 Clothes and style can really define a person. What you wear gives off your first impression to people and can even show your character off as well. Thr...

The 2010s had some of the most influential memes to date.

Memes of the Decade

December 9, 2019

The 2010s have bought years of new trends and shows that will long outlive the decade, their impacts changing how people talked and acted. One of the un...

“Frozen 2” Review

December 3, 2019

Following the first movie almost exactly 6 years ago, “Frozen 2” did not melt under pressure as it is already dominating the box office this holiday sea...

Tom Hanks poses for a promotional photo regarding his new movie,

Welcome to my neighborhood

November 26, 2019

Yesterday, I sat down to watch a movie about a man I had never met and a TV show I had never watched. To be quite frank, I had never known much about Mr. Rogers. I kn...

FILE - In this April 3, 2019, file photo characters from Disney and Fox movies are displayed behind Cathleen Taff, president of distribution, franchise management, business and audience insight for Walt Disney Studios during the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures presentation at CinemaCon 2019, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Disney Plus launches its streaming service. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

Top 10 Things to Stream Right Now on Disney+

November 13, 2019

Over 5,000 things to binge on Netflix. More than 4,000 to stream on Hulu. Amazon Prime. CBS All Access. HBO Now. And now...Disney+. When I first heard tha...

People dressed and made up as Zombies react, during the annual Zombie march, in Madrid, Saturday Feb. 27, 2010. The zombie march is a homage to the Zombie film genre and to U.S. director George A. Romero, famous for his Zombie horror movies. (AP Photo/Paul White)

The evolution of zombies

October 30, 2019

Halloween has made its mark on cultures around the world with its various tales of horror and gore that has struck fear into people from its very start...

KC staff writer Sammi Stec gives 10 fun things to do this summer!

Fun things to do this summer

June 10, 2019

If it comes to the middle of summer and you are sitting around with nothing to do, which is bound to happen, here are 10 things you can do to keep yours...

What's next for the MCU?

What’s next for the MCU?

June 8, 2019

As it has been a little over a month since the jaw-dropping Avengers: Endgame hit the theaters, it may be time to think about what is next for our favo...

The ultimate end of Junior year playlist

The ultimate end of Junior year playlist

June 6, 2019

Calling all juniors! As the end of the school year is rapidly approaching, the realization that we’ll all become seniors very, very soon is beginni...

How high school is portrayed in films is very different than how NPHS is.

NPHS vs. High schools in movies

June 4, 2019

Watching a movie involving high schoolers can be a bit disconcerting because of how it completely veers from our own experience at North Penn. Here are some of...

Gabrielle Union takes selfies with the fans as she arrives at the

AGT prediction: contestant Kodi Lee will win season

May 29, 2019

Last night, May 28th, began the 14th season of America’s Got Talent, a show that features dancers, magicians, comedians, and many more as they all compe...

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