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TGIT scenes that made you OMG

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TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) on ABC is one of my favorite days of the week. All three T.V. shows beginning at 8:00PM are created by the incredible Shonda Rhimes. Starting last night, the lineup for TGIT became Grey’s Anatomy at 8:00, Scandal at 9:00, and now renewed for season two, the premiere of The Catch at 10:00. Warning: these shows are extremely addictive! Watch with caution! My mother and I have been obsessed for years.

Grey’s Anatomy

Last week’s episode left off in a moment of extreme distrust and anger as the hospital attendings are angry with Dr. Minnick’s new program, which is practiced to cater to the learning experience of surgical residents. The shade in this episode is so intense. Everyone is angry with Doctor April Kepner for taking over the place of Chief of General Surgery after Meredith Grey was on a forced suspension due to her acts of insubordination to take a stand against Dr. Minnick’s program. Even though Meredith comes back and April gets demoted, her fellow surgeons can’t seem to stand her sleazy decision. Not only is everyone angry with April, but Jackson Avery is extremely mad at Meredith for coming back to her job after the board had made so much progress standing up for what they believe in.

Meanwhile, things get extremely awkward now that Alex Karev is back at Grey-Sloan. Things with him and Andrew DeLuca haven’t been too good since Alex nearly beat him to death – understandable. The situation escalates as the two are in an elevator alone and Alex tries to right his wrongs. It’s not really easy to mend a friendship with someone you almost killed, Alex.

It seems like Alex and Meredith aren’t the only two attendings to return to their jobs because sneaky little Maggie is trying to do the best for her sister Amelia by feeding her urge to perform a surgery without being spotted by her husband Owen who she’s trying to avoid. Amelia thinks she’s in the clear and can continue her life avoiding Owen, but a couple of scenes later, we see a twist. A new patient comes in in the ambulance and Amelia sees her husband tend to him immediately. Whether she can’t resist the urge to perform surgeries or the final rush to see her husband is unclear, Amelia steps in to help with the patient, shocking Owen who’s tried to see her and talk to her for so long. After facing an awkward situation, Owen and Amelia FINALLY talk. It turns out Amelia’s been avoiding him because she wants to stay married to him but doesn’t want to fight about her not wanting children. All couples have fights, but this one seems messy to both the couple and the audience. I’m praying that these two get through their rough patch because they are one of my favorite couples, but it’s Grey’s Anatomy, and Shonda Rhimes loves to throw curveballs.

While everyone is too busy hating April, Jackson’s mother takes her under her wing and praises her for being an incredible surgeon. I’m not sure how to feel about these two being buddy-buddy. It sounds a little suspicious to me. April may seem sweet but there’s something about Jackson’s mom that makes it seem like she can derail everything April stands for.

Ohh… Arizona. Sneaking around, hiding her feelings for the most hated newbie in the hospital, Minnick. The worst part about this is that she lied to her wingman Dr. Webber about her date since him and Minnick bump heads all the time.

Looks like Alex being back is creating all sorts of tensions because him and Riggs keep fighting. They’re the two most important men in Meredith’s life, and she doesn’t want them to hate each other. They’re supposed to leave their feelings at home, but some bottled up hatred spills as they argue over a patient’s best surgery option. It’s more than just professional banter, these men definitely have deep resentment for each other. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

Since the new resident program demeans everything Webber does for his job, the attendings are ready to stand behind him and fight for what’s right. In particular, Jackson’s devotion to Dr. Webber is truly endearing, but is it nice or stupid? He’s clearly ready to throw his name around to get what he wants to help Webber, but being an honest man, Webber wants to play by the rules. Nice, but since when does nice get people anywhere?

The episode ends with some very interesting scenes. The ending of each episode is always the one that makes me scream “THAT’S IT?!?!” since the writers love a good cliff hanger. So one of the ending scenes is with Meredith and Riggs (get excited.) Okay, let me be honest. After Derek died, I wasn’t ready for Meredith to move on so fast. Frankly, I WASN’T READY TO MOVE ON, but I like her with Riggs. I think they’re perfect for each other, and my heart was beating so fast when Riggs said that he wants it to work out between them. I think he’ll take good care of Meredith because he doesn’t pressure her to make a decision right then and there. He simply says to give him a call. MEREDITH, GET ON THAT PHONE!

The very last scene of the night still is on my mind. My jaw literally dropped because Dr. Webber saw Minnick and Arizona (almost kissing) together. I can only imagine what Dr. Webber feels since he was always Arizona’s wingman and they had such a great friendship. Let’s see how strong their friendship really is in the next episode.


Even though Cyrus is locked up in a prison cell for allegedly murdering president elect Frankie Vargas, everybody is on edge. No one feels safe even though they can taste that White House air that is so close to the presidency. This episode continues with the completion to see who will get to be president of the United States of America.

The married couple everyone adores watching on TV, Vanessa and Jake, are having trouble in paradise! Vanessa is an absolute mess and Jake clearly doesn’t want to deal with it. Vanessa is always drunk and Jake is done with it. He says “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU” and silences her by pouring her a glass of wine (because that’s what calms her down). WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE! I laughed so hard when this happened because although it doesn’t seem like it meant much, he said so much just by a simple glass of wine.

Jake isn’t the only one who has to deal with Vanessa. Vanessa is just a train wreck, accusing Olivia Pope of sleeping with her husband. This cues Olivia to slam her against the wall and scream at her after Vanessa called her a wh…. You know the rest.

Vanessa is just confused because her husband is up to something and won’t tell anyone. She seems to know something suspicious about Jake. He was texting someone the election night that Vargas was killed, and it was revealed that it was Olivia’s dad, Ely, who is always bad news.

With the secrets piling up, Jake doesn’t trust Olivia after constantly sassing her, calling her “boss” in the most disrespectful derogatory way. He accuses her of keeping secrets which we all know is what Olivia is known for, but Jake is the one with the real secret.

Vanessa constantly coming at Jake’s neck, but he resists to come at hers. LITERALLY! He has his hands around his wife’s neck as she’s lying down, and he comes so close to ending his life in misery. We all have a killer inside, and Jake has had a pretty dark history of it. He’s always ready to snap, and the drunken wife clearly isn’t helping when she presses on for him to talk to her about himself and who he really is. He tells her “if you drink yourself to sleep because you don’t know me, I can’t imagine what you’d do to yourself when you find out who I really am.”

The episode finally unveils the mystery of who blew up Frankie Vargas’s girlfriend’s house. Jake did it to destroy all evidence there could’ve been in it. It seems like no matter how much they try to escape it, all the characters are constantly roped into the entanglements of covering up incidents for politics.

The next scene shows Mellie and Vanessa having a sit down with a drink so Mellie can tell Vanessa to “WAKE UP” and find out what she wants because she clearly doesn’t know what makes her happy. She wants to be married to Jake but also doesn’t, and she’s not even sure if she wants to be in the White House. Get it together, Vanessa! After this little talk, Mellie has a speech about being a free woman, single and about to be the first woman to be the president. She can taste the victory already and I love it. If only this is how our real life presidency worked out.

Shonda Rhimes always knows how to make jaws drop, and Scandal always leaves questions for the audience once the episode ends. It turns out that the secret Jake was referring to was because he thought Olivia called the shots on Vargas’s murder. Having nothing to do with this, Olivia knows exactly the person to point the finger at. Her father set up a trust fund in Switzerland under Olivia’s name to make it look like she paid for Vargas to get killed. Great father daughter moment, am I right? No wonder Jake thought Olivia was hiding something (too bad she didn’t even know about it).

The final minutes of the episode were nail biting. Jake takes Olivia it into the woods to confess something to her, and what looks like a soon-to-be murder turns into something else. Jake confesses that Ely gave him the mission to kill Jennifer Fields and make her disappear, but he reveals that she is really alive and he spared her. I guess Jake still has some humanity left in him.

Who knows where this plot will go next week!


Season one was killer and it’s been way too long since it ended, but I couldn’t be more excited for it to return for its second season. The show opened with a scene from inside prison when Ben took responsibility for stealing the museum’s painting and let Alice live out her life since she was innocent. He warns Alice not to go after Margot and try to shut down their con artist business because they’re too dangerous. The FBI is still holding possession of the PI office’s files and server so currently their office is shut down. The days at their firm have never been so slow.

Alice’s brother Tommy (played by George from Grey’s Anatomy) comes for a visit with an issue with the IRS and some interesting money balances in his account. They discover later that the suspicious amounts of money dropped into his account were from this family that he used to be a dog walker for. When Alice and Danny go to investigate, they find the couple dead. Alice’s brother sees this as an opportunity to take the money but Alice thinks it’s a bad idea since the murderers of the couple could come looking for him. He thinks Alice is just being stubborn and wants to be better than him, so he goes on to make the dumb decision of taking the money. You can tell that this kid is not the brightest. He’s just a young spendthrift who comes back every now and then to beg for money from Alice. Lucky for him, Alice is smart and changes the password so he can’t get into the account and obtain the money. He finally comes to his senses and decides to stay and find out what happens with the money and why it turned up in his account anyway.

While this is happening, Special FBI agents propose a deal with Ben to let him out of prison the next day. The deal lasts 18 months and he has to work undercover for the FBI because his skills as a con artists are top notch. Alice isn’t pleased with this deal because she doesn’t trust him with other criminals who will try to kill him, but Ben had already taken the deal. Before he gets let out, Ben gets stabbed while taking a shower and ends up out of prison. With his friend Reece to the rescue, he confesses that he created that whole stabbing scene to get Ben out of jail. Little does he know that he just screwed his partner over because the Feds are furious and think that Ben ran away, so they called off the deal. Ben is in a real pickle now because Reese’s get out of jail card comes with a price-one last con artist job. This is bad news for Ben since he swore he was done conning, but he has no choice because this job is a matter of life or death.

After feeling like she has been kicked to the curb too many times, Margot decides her mother has been in command for too long and announces “I’m finally going to kill my mother.” WOAH, DIABOLICAL! Shonda Rhimes just loves writing about family betrayal.

With Margot’s mother in jail, she is unable to do anything with her con artist company but she discovers her one hotel had been burnt to the ground and it was their family’s insurance. Their father stashed millions of dollars in the wall which cues Margot to look for who is out to get their family.

Later that night, Alice spills the details about her love life to her brother which might be a mistake because he brings up a man who sounds like a former boyfriend/fiancé. Interesting pasts keep rising, and who knows if it can be for better or for worst. There’s something a little sketchy about Tommy, and he definitely doesn’t seem like an innocent little brother. Alice may have to pay for spilling the truth about her love life to her brother.

Let’s just say the episode ends with a bang. Margot is  in bed with her co worker as he gets shot in the middle of intercourse. Confused and slightly scared, Margot doesn’t know what to do because she knows that bullet was meant for her. With no other place to turn, she seeks help in Alice’s PI firm. I can’t wait to see how that turns out! Things are about to get awkward!!

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