Election Results are In

Submitted photos compiled by Brad Rosenberger

Alison Wallach, Staff Writer

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Vote Count Percent
Rep – John T. Schilling 9,298 10.13%
Rep – Donald E. Hill 9,168 9.99%
Rep – Rick Miniscalco 9,296 10.13%
Rep – Stephen M. Hladik 9,197 10.02%
Rep – Josie Charnock 9,170 10.00%
Dem – Carolyn Murphy 9,384 10.23%
Dem – Suzan G. Leonard 9,322 10.16%
Dem – Paul E. Edelman, Jr. 8,998 9.81%
Dem – Alex Ryabin 8,860 9.66%
Dem – Martina Stoll 9,051 9.87%
Total 91,744 100.00%

Generally unheard of in the Republican-dominated Montgomery County, Democratic candidates beat out the Republican candidates in the majority of positions up for election on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Voter turnout was fairly low this year at 32.22% compared to November 2, 2010’s General Election at 50.03%. Nevertheless, the results will bring major changes in leadership to Montgomery County.

In terms of the School Board, former foreign language teacher Carolyn Murphy and Family Law attorney Suzan Leonard of the Democratic Party and 1st S.T.E.P. campaign received the highest percentage of votes, followed by incumbent Republican winners John Schilling, Rick Miniscalco, and Stephen Hladik.

Democrats Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards secured the top two positions as County Commissioner, followed by Republican Bruce Castor in the third seat. These results will make history, as never before have the Democrats controlled Montgomery County’s government. 

For detailed results from November 9’s General election, visit: http://webapp.montcopa.org/election/2011%20General%20Election%20Result.htm

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Election Results are In