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NPHS Class of 2013: A Grand Goodbye

Knight Crier

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This following is a list of the future plans for the 1,008 members of the NPHS Class of 2013. From college to the military to the work force, this list chronicles the next step in the journies of the next group of young men and women ready to leave their footprints on the world.

Chaise  Abbott MCCC
Patrick Abbott MCCC
Md Abdullah Penn State University
Mohab Abou-Elalla Mercer County Community College
Alex Acciani Jacksonville University
Lindsay Ackerman Temple University
Hannah Adkins MCCC
Ophelia Afrakomah MCCC
Finki Akhter Eastern Center for Arts &Technology
Shweta Akolkar University of Chicago
Eric Albaugh Northampton Community College
Alexandra Aleide Bloomsburg University
Belquin Aleman MCCC
Christina Alexander Delaware Valley College
Sara Alli West Chester University
Jared Alston MCCC
Ashley Alullo Work Force
Kevin Alven Work Force
Kaushal Amin Penn State University
Ronak Amin Drexel University
Brandon Anders University of Delaware
DeVaughn Anderson Vet Tech School of Pittsburgh
Laura Anderson Continuing Education
Tanis Annillo MCCC
Samantha Andre-Dejesus MCCC
William Andrey MCCC
Hanna Andrussier Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Apple Penn State University
Joshua Arnold Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Richard Ashford Navy
Khushboo Attarwala Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Dylan Aukett Continuing Education
Kaniz Azad Penn State University
Christina Baer Pace University
Luke Barker American University
Matthew Barkely West Chester University
David Barnes Undecided
Kahlil Barnes-Dixon Full Sail University
Rufus Baruti Penn State University
Gregory Bauer Gettysburg College
Jacqueline Baumbach Work Force
Kyle Begley MCCC
Katherine Bell Susquehanna University
Sierra Bennett Millersville University
Fazia Bensmail MCCC
Abagael Bergey Millersville University
Alan Berghuis Eckerd College
Nicholas Bermel Duquesne University
Brianna Bernier MCCC
Shirley Berry Undecided
Michael Berstecher Misericordia University
Bradley Bertucci Millersville University
Rebecca Beynon Shippensburg University
Anandsaran Bhagat Penn State University
Karan Bhatt MCCC
Madeleine Biletz MCCC
Brandon Billetz Bloomsburg University
Alaina Billing Temple University
Jamie Bilofsky Gwynedd-Mercy College
Rachel Bintner Lansdale School of Cosmetology
Ryan Birzes Temple University
Colleen Blue Eastern University
James Blum Kutztown University
Daniel Boardman Lehigh University
Edwin Bogert Franklin and Marshall College
Yash Boghara Temple University
Christina Boguslaw Penn State University
Rebecca Bolduc Old Dominion University
Jamie Bonner Eastern University
Valin Booker Hampton University
Rebecca Booz MCCC
Dylan Borawski Northampton County College
Ethan Borochaner James Madison University
Gregory Borolla Chestnut Hill College
Shamar Bowman Arizona State University
Zachary Boyer MCCC
Julia Boyle Penn State University
Derek Brandt Widener University
Jeremy Braxton MCCC
Mark Brennan Temple University
Antonio Bridges Thadeus Stevens
Emily Brobst Arcadia University
Todd Brosky MCCC
Jason Brown Marines
Mary Brown University of San Francisco
Shelby Brown Delaware Sate University
Stephen Brown Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Michael Brozyno MCCC
Alicia Brucker Chestnut Hill College
Andrew Brucker MCCC
Alyssa Bryan MCCC
Heather Buchhalter MCCC
Nicole Buck MCCC
Marcellis Buggs Penn State University
Robert Bull III Bloomsburg University
Christopher Burg Franklin Pierce University
Andrew Burgoyne University of South Florida
Jessica Burke Ohio State University
Samantha Burke MCCC
Todd Burkhart MCCC
Troy Burkhart Continuing Education
Karen Burlingame Penn State University
Kayla Burnham MCCC
Rebecca Burnley Penn State University
John Burns Navy
Samantha Burns Holy Family University
Jesse Bushey MCCC
Richard Butterworth MCCC
Michael Buxbaum Johns Hopkins
Alex Buyser Temple University
Rebecca Calaghan Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Jillian Calhoun MCCC
Bryan Callaghan Penn State University
Joseph Cammarota Army
Dylan Campbell Work Force
Hannah Campbell Bloomsburg University
Jordan Campbell Penn State University
David Campolongo University of Alabama
Dennis Caniz Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Louisa Carleton Temple University
William Carling MCCC
Elizabeth Carroll University of Pittsburgh
Rebecca Carroll Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bernadette Carson Penn State University
Alexis Cartagena MCCC
Antonio Ceballos Army
Stephanie Celio Bloomsburg University
Linus Cerbe Exchange Student
Heesung Chae University of the Sciences
Joshua Chae MCCC
Vivien Chang University of Pittsburgh
Ophelia Afrakomah Penn State University
Lucas Chen Penn State University
Benjamin Cherian Penn State University
Edward Chestnut Work Force
Lindsey Chieffo MCCC
Christopher Chihlas MCCC
Joshua Chihlas Penn State University
Alyssa Chiodo Susquehanna University
Ashley Cho Pratt Institute
Gyunhong Cho Temple University
Ryan Cho Shippensburg University
Jaeyoon Choi Penn State University
Dhruv Chotalia Temple University
Abu Chowdhury Universal Technical Institute
Jermaine Clark MCCC
Rebecca Clark Johnson & Wales University
James Clayton MCCC
Alexandra Clegg Temple University
Aimee Clemens Penn State University
Ashley Cobb Keystone College
Marissa Cohen Curry College
Victoria Cohen MCCC
Heather Collins MCCC
Spencer Collopy Ursinus College
Shae Colter Work Force
Alexandra Corbin MCCC
Anastasia Corbin MCCC
Alison Corr Saint Joseph’s University
Alexa Cortellini Work Force
Brittany Cosby West Chester University
Rose Cosentino Work Force
Dominic Costa Work Force
Joshua Costello MCCC
Kevin Coupe Penn State University
Emily Coutts Colorado State University
Matthew Crescimanno American University
Matthew Cressman Army
Lauren Crisler American University
Tessa Crooks Work Force
Margaret Crush MCCC
Giuseppe Cucuzza MCCC
Beatrice Culbertson Work Force
Blake Culbreath MCCC
Brian Cupitt Temple University
David Curtis MCCC
Eric Dami Penn State University
Tehya Daneker DeSales University
Phuc Dang MCCC
Cheyenne Dantzler West Chester University
Amith Das MCCC
Letticia DasNeves MCCC
Danielle Davis MCCC
Francesca Davis MCCC
Christian Day Penn State University
Jason DeStefano Bloomsburg University
Brandon Dean University of New Haven
Brittany Dean Fisher College
Paul deMeric deBellefon Exchange Student
Kirsten Deeck Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Anjelica DeLoggio Work Force
Christopher Depman University of South Florida
Jacqueline DePue Penn State University
James DeSimone University of South Florida
Anthony DiBerardino Virginia Tech
Hope Dice MCCC
Julianna Diehl Maine Maritime College
Brian Dietterich Work Force
Alexander DiMuzio Temple University
Jaclyn Dinardo Continuing Education
Anna Dinh Penn State University
Alison DiNunzio Philadelphia University
Timothy Dolan Drexel University
James Dollard Temple University
Kelsey Donnell MCCC
Ashley Donohue Work Force
Alexandra Dooley MCCC
Anthony Duckett MCCC
Audrey Dumke Bloomsburg University
Connor Dunne University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Sarah Edelman Elizabethtown College
Daron Edghill MCCC
Stephanie Elechko Eastern University
Derek Ellstrom Harrisburg University of Sceince and Technology
Victoria Emmitt MCCC
Matthew England Penn State University
Sun Ie Eom Drexel University
Jamie Epstein MCCC
Lena Eroh MCCC
Aidan Errickson Temple University
Ryan Erskine MCCC
Gabriela Escobar Penn State University
Vincent Esposito University of South Carolina
Alyssa Evangelisto Slippery Rock University
Alexander Evans United States Naval Academy
Courtney Fahey Temple University
Jason Fairchild MCCC
Ann Falcone West Chester University
Amanda Falu Lansdale School of Business
Jordan Farmer MCCC
Melissa Fasick Penn State University
Kimberly Faughey Penn State University
Jasmine Feeney-MacDonald West Chester University
John Feher MCCC
Mohammad Ferdouse Penn State University
Andrew Ferreira MCCC
Kathleen Fetter MCCC
Tiasia Fields MCCC
Holly Figueiredo MCCC
Lee Fino Penn State University
Molly Flannery Penn State University
Gabriel Flores Penn State University
Edwin Fluck University of the Sciences
Alexander Ford Work Force
Megan Ford MCCC
David Franco MCCC
Tara Frederick Continuing Education
Daphne Freitas Continuing Education
Gabrielle Friday Bloomsburg University
Victoria Frisbie Philadelphia University
Alexis Fryson Continuing Education
Joseph Fuentes MCCC
Anthony Fuller Elizabethtown College
Alexa Gable University of Pittsburgh
Kyle Gagen Temple University
Riley Gaibler Penn State University
Jomari Ian Gajete Marines
Sarah Galang Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Nicholas Galanti MCCC
Jacob Galligan West Chester University
Nicholas Gambone Temple University
Valerie Gambone Penn State University
Gregory Garay Work Force
Sebastian Garcia Penn State University
Shane Garritt Penn State University
Jacqueline Gartner Shippensburg University
Ryan Garvin Antonelli Institute
Mercedez Gates MCCC
Emily Gavin MCCC
Aysha Gazi MCCC
Zachary Gehman MCCC
Octavia Geiger Arcadia University
Patrick Geiger The George Washington University
Pauline Gepilano Temple University
Megan Gerhart Virginia Wesleyan College
Michael Gerhart Penn State University
Jesse Gerhart Work Force
Zachary Gery Rochester Institute of Technology
Shaun Giebler Work Force
Courtney Gill MCCC
Mallory Gillen University of Connecticut
Julia Gillespie MCCC
Akram Girgis MCCC
Mary Giuranna Temple University
Jordan Glasure MCCC
Elliott Goldberg Lehigh University
Kenneth Goltz Work Force
Amanda Gonzalez MCCC
Sean Gorman West Chester University
Tori Goshow Bloomsburg University
Tianna Gower Cairn University
Steven Gozur Widener University
Jessi Grabenstetter Penn State University
Matthew Graef Work Force
Margaret Graff MCCC
Emily Grajewski Work Force
Arlee Graver MCCC
Thomas Gray Work Force
Nicholas Greco Penn State University
Alison Green Work Force
Avalon Green Work Force
Lacey Green  MCCC
Lauren Green East Stroudsburg University
Natalia Greene Hofstra University
Natavia Greene State University of New York at Potsdam
Shawn Greene Continuing Education
Kyle Greenwood MCCC
Seanna Gregoria Penn State University
David Grice MCCC
Bryn Griffith Ursinus College
Nicole Griffith The University of South Carolina
Christopher Grill MCCC
Rachel Groff NMTCC
Natalie Gross Mount Aloysius College
Teresa Gruber MCCC
Timothy Grunklee Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kayla Gulian MCCC
Antonius Gunawan Wake Forest University
Tiffany Guzman West Virginia University
HeeJoo Ha Penn State University
William Ha Ohio State University
Brian Haedrich University of Maryland
Jennifer Halcovage University of California Los Angeles
Cristobal Hall-Ramos MCCC
Monica Han University of Pittsburgh
Sujin Han Penn State University
Michael Hanna Pennsylvania College of Technology
Sarah Hanna Penn State University
Chrisopher Hanson Penn State University
Nathaniel Happer Work Force
Philip Harfman Temple University
Kathryn Hargreaves Shippensburg University
Shannon Harley Penn State University
Jillian Harrington New York University
Danielle Harris MCCC
Herbert Harris Continuing Education
Jalen Harris Southern Virginia University
Nathaniel Harris LaRoche University
Julie Hartman MCCC
Kylie Hartman Kutztown University
Steven Hartman Arcadia University
Daniel Hartranft MCCC
Sarah Harvey California University of Pennsylvania
Mohammad Hassan Penn State University
Abigail Hauabenstein MCCC
Kristin Hayashi University of Pittsburgh
Benjamin Hecht MCCC
Daniel Hedge MCCC
Kyle Heinig Washington & Jefferson College
Nathan Heller Penn State University
Conor Helo Bloomsburg University
Mariah Hendricks Bloomsburg University
Molly Henry MCCC
Emily Henshaw MCCC
Ashley Hepler Lock Haven University
Casey Herm Temple University
Mone Hicks The University of The Arts
Scott Higgins, Jr. MCCC
Hunter Hill Eastern Nazarene College
Humayra Himel Penn State University
Jacquelyn Hines MCCC
Nicholas Hirsh MCCC
Rebecca Hoch MCCC
Elizabeth Hochman Alfred University
Olivia Hoffman Mount St. Mary University
James Hohenwarter MCCC
Kailah Holmes MCCC
Rhys Holmes Work Force
Michelle Holweger Lock Haven University
Mahabub Hossain MCCC
Mohammed Hossain Temple University
Alexander Houpt Penn State University
Simone House MCCC
Jeremy Hrycko MCCC
James Huang Temple University
Jonathan Huang Drexel University
Kaitlyn Huber West Chester University
Shane Huckel Penn State University
Cody Husnberger Temple University
Hans Hunsberger MCCC
Adam Hustad University of Miami
Soyean Hwang Temple University
Nghiep Hy MCCC
Kristina Ivanova Drexel University
Robert Jacobs Texas A & M
Sydnee Jacques Temple University
Kajal Jaggi Penn State University
Gaurav Jakhar MCCC
Brad James MCCC
Gina Jang Gwynedd-Mercy College
Sujin Jang Manor College
Nicholas Jasinski MCCC
James Jennings MCCC
Juman Jeon Penn State University
Mohammed Jiban Penn State University
Kushal Jituri Penn State University
Diamon Joell MCCC
Ashley John University of Pittsburgh
Christine Johnson West Chester University
Julie Johnson Penn State University
Katie Johnson Temple University
Olivia Johnson Shippensburg University
Paris Johnson West Chester University
Chloe, Johnson-Hyde Ursinus College
Connel Jones Marines
Courtney Jones Hampton University
Kailah Jones Shippensburg University
Nicole Jones Kutztown University
Tyler Jones Arcadia University
David Jordan Penn State University
Sarah Kaelin Towson University
Joseph Kallatch Eastern Nazarene College
Laura Kane University of South Carolina
Taylor Kane University of South Carolina
Shubham Kapadiya Penn State University
Benjamin Kaplan MCCC
Jennifer Karim Penn State University
Akhil Katakam Northwestern University
Brendan Katucki Continuing Education
Troy Katucki Work Force
Samantha Keeley MCCC
Courtney Kehoe Widener University
Sarah Keller West Chester University
Carla Kelly MCCC
Colin Kelly Penn State University
Zachary Kennedy Work Force
Courtney Kern MCCC
Alexis Kerr Work Force
Isabelle Kerr Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Kerwick Work Force
Sarah Keyte Lansdale School of Cosmetology
Andy Kham Work Force
Mazeeya Khan Temple University
Sami Khan MCCC
Farhana Khatun MCCC
Protick Khoshnabish Drexel University
Patrick Ki MCCC
Annalise Kienzle Millersville University
Priya Kikani M.I.T.
Alex Kim Work Force
Alisa Kim University of Pittsburgh
Da Kim Penn State University
Eunha Kim MCCC
Fredrick Kim University of the Arts
Gi Hyoun Kim University of Pittsburgh
Jin Kim Gwynedd-Mercy College
Matthew Kim Dartmouth College
Seunggyeom Kim Temple University
Yeon Joon Kim Temple University
Adam King Continuing Education
Brendan King Temple University
Christopher King Continuing Education
Maura King Shippensburg University
Amy Kinsey Penn State University
Lauren Klasic West Chester University
Kelsey Klauder MCCC
Morgan Klaumenzer MCCC
Morgan Klein MCCC
Amanda Kline MCCC
Michelle Ko Philadelphia University
Tiffany Ko Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Alexander Koehler West Chester University
Suzanne Koenig MCCC
Zachery Koerper MCCC
Elizabeth Kohler Penn State University
Jacob Konyk Marines
Brandon Kook-Whitley Work Force
Alexander Kopcho Penn State University
Faith Kopycinski MCCC
Rebecca Krail Johnson & Wales University
Kelly Kratz Elizabethtown College
Christopher Kril Kutztown University
Amanda Kukowski Work Force
Gene Kulp Bloomsburg University
Rachel Kulp East Stroudsburg University
Mis Kulsum MCCC
Laura Kuntzmann West Chester University
Achyut Kute Penn State University
Samuel Kwon MCCC
Kiara Kyle MCCC
Nathan Lamb Swarthmore College
Merna Lamey MCCC
Scott Landes Carnegie Mellon University
Alexander Landis William Paterson University
Allison Langdon Work Force
Aaron LaRoche MCCC
Lauren LaRosa Bloomsburg University
Melissa Laughlin Fordham University
Jesse Lauman Work Force
Emma Laurens James Madison University
Connor Lawn West Chester University
Sarah Lawn MCCC
Shelby Leasher Shippensburg University
Adrien LeBlanc Robert Morris University
Jeffrey Lebre Undecided
Hyunbin Lee University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Kevin Lee Temple University
Timothy Lee Penn State University
Stephan Lee MCCC
Harry Leenhouts Penn State University
Julia Lengyel MCCC
Claudia Lenhart MCCC
Mina Lense MCCC
Cassandra Lepera Work Force
Gina Lerner University of Maryland
Andrew Leventhal Pennsylvania College of Technology
Alex Levithan Temple University
Brian Lewis Lehigh University
Jared Liebers MCCC
Jennifer Lieu MCCC
Rachel Lillo Albright College
Seung Lim Temple University
Dylan Linsinbigler Williamson Trade School
Stephanie Lipoff Towson University
Taylor Lister Widener University
Khalil Littlejohn Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kimberly Lo Piccolo MCCC
Michael Lo Piccolo MCCC
Natalie Long Work Force
Caroline Loper University of South Carolina
Mitchell Lord University of Maryland
Clare Louden Undecided
Alexander Love Williamson Trade School
Damiana Lozzi MCCC
Jian Karlo Lua Drexel University
Allison Luberto MCCC
Patricia Luciany Drexel University
Shuran Luo Ohlone College
Diana Luong La Salle University
Vinh Luong Kutztown University
John Macauley Columbia University
Alex MacDonald MCCC
Dylan MacDonald MCCC
Evan MacDonald MCCC
Jessica Maersch Work Force
Arianna Magalhaes MCCC
Brian Maher Elizabethtown College
Tyler Malachowski Lebanon Valley College
Paul Malack Work Force
Estefania Maldonado Hofstra University
Sharika Maliha Drexel University
Brandon Mandes Bloomsburg University
Haley Mangiaruga West Chester University
Angelica Marchini Drexel University
Nicholas Marcopul Temple University
Catherine Marino Penn State University
Tyler Maroney Towson University
Kelly Masker Kutztown University
Jennifer Maslanski Muhlenberg University
Shakira Matanic MCCC
Victor Matos Army
Cody Matthews University of South Carolina
Elijah Matthews Morehouse College
Gregory Matthews Drexel University
Taylor Maurer University of Delaware
Gabriel May MCCC
Janet May Continuing Education
Kyle Mayfield Lafayette College
Megan McAllister West Chester University
Rebecca McCabe MCCC
Samuel McCaffrey Penn State University
Brianna McCarty Work Force
Joseph McCauley Work Force
Kathleen McCauley MCCC
Shawna McCauley MCCC
Robert McDonald MCCC
Matthew McDonald Penn State University
Brandon McDonnell Rochester Institute of Technology
Kasey McElderry MCCC
Jessica McFarland Ursinus College
Christopher McGinnis Arizona State University
Morgan McGuckin MCCC
Emily McKenna Temple University
Jonathan McKenna Army
Michael McKeon MCCC
Matthew McLaughlin Lock Haven University
Branden McMasters Work Force
Elizabeth McNamee MCCC
Dana McPeak Slippery Rock University
Briana Mengel MCCC
Bryce Mengel Bloomsburg University
Gabrielle Merlino Bloomsburg University
Robyn Merrill Bloomsburg University
James Messing Continuing Education
Shakira Metanic MCCC
Alexandra Miller Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Christopher Miller MCCC
Julia Miller University of the Sciences
Katie Miller Kutztown University
Nathan Miller Rochester Institute of Technology
Victor Miller Marines
Zachary Miller Shippensburg University
Emily Milliron Temple University
Shina Min University of Maryland
Daniel Minninger MCCC
Eric Mitchell MCCC
Richard Moats Work Force
Andrea Mobley Susquehanna University
Bhavik Modasia Penn State University
Mehdi Mollah Penn State University
Rafat Mollick Penn State University
Celeste Molyneux Bloomsburg University
Mohammed Mondal Penn State University
Moonim Mondal Drexel University
Jarad Mondelblatt Penn State University
Nicole Montalbano Lock Haven University
Brittany Mooney MCCC
Anees Moore Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Isaiah Moore Marines
Kerry Moran MCCC
Gerardo Moran Amaya Work Force
Jonathan Morgado MCCC
Matthew Morgado University of Chicago
John Morris Northwestern University
Kristen Morrison Shippensburg University
Benjamin Moses Lehigh University
Miss Mousumi MCCC
James Mullmann Franklin and Marshall College
Samuel Mun MCCC
Mohammad Munasef Penn State University
Evan Murphy Daytona State College
Kathryn Murphy Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Leah Murphy Bucknell University
Percell Murphy Marines
Robert Murphy Work Force
Shannon M Murphy Undecided
Shannon R Murphy Slippery Rock University
Taylor Murphy West Virginia University
Morgan Murray Kutztown University
Marcus Myers MCCC
Erika Myslinski University of Delaware
Morgan Nachman Undecided
Shabikoon Nahar MCCC
Sonya Naik University of Pittsburgh
Delphine Nantermet Penn State University
Leslie Nash MCCC
Anjana Natesh University of Pittsburgh
Rakesh Nath MCCC
Cullen Neal University of Tennessee
Austin Nedwick Muhlenberg University
Matthew Nejako Drexel University
Alec Nelson MCCC
Ashley Nelson Bloomsburg University
Melaney Nelson MCCC
Jacob Newell Southwestern Assembly of God
Joshua Newell MCCC
Anna Nguyen Temple University
Bao-Kha Nguyen MCCC
Debbie Nguyen MCCC
Hieu Nguyen MCCC
Lani Nguyen Temple University
Ngan Nguyen MCCC
Que Nguyen MCCC
Vivian Nguyen Haverford College
Sodavy Nhek MCCC
Mitchell Nickerson Shippensburg University
Patrick Nicodemus Penn State University
John Noon Work Force
Toivo Ntaka Cal State San Bernardino
Rachel Oberholzer Mission Work
Joseph O’Brien MCCC
Brian O’Donnell MCCC
Michael Off Work Force
Ji Yeong Oh West Chester University
Michael O’Leary Navy
Amelia O’Malley West Chester University
Kyle O’Neill Arcadia University
Tess O’Neill Washington & Jefferson College
Lauren Orehowsky Messiah College
Vaughn O’Rourke MCCC
Meghan Orsino Hofstra University
Edna Ortega MCCC
Kaitlin O’Toole Johnson & Wales University
Robyn Owen  Work Force
Shane Owens University of Pittsburgh
Ryan Oxenford MCCC
Alyssa Padilla Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Erin Pagan MCCC
Chelsea Pagano MCCC
Lauren Pambuena King’s College
Lehar Pandya Penn State University
Anthony Paone Undecided
Andrew Pappasergi Millersville University
Huiyeong Park MCCC
Jae Won Park Temple University
Jae Hyun Park Temple University
Ji Hyun Park MCCC
Jinsol Park Temple University
Brad Parsons MCCC
Michael Pastuszak Universal Technical Institute
Elizabeth Patchell Work Force
Arpan Patel M.I.T.
Darpan Patel Temple University
Jagravi Patel Rutgers University
Janki Patel Loyola University of Chicago
Jay P Patel Penn State University
Jay V Patel Houston Community College
Jigar Patel Lehigh University
Kishan Patel Penn State University
Mauli Patel Penn State University
Mrugesh Patel MCCC
Neil Patel University of the Sciences
Rina Patel Temple University
Sheetkumar Patel Penn State University
Tejas Patel Temple University
Nishidh Patidar Drexel University
Brittney Patterson Washington & Jefferson College
Emily Patterson Cabrini College
Darshak Pendem Penn State University
Chris Penna MCCC
Danielle Perez Millersville University
Nicholas Perlstein MCCC
Amanda Perry Misericordia University
Sean Perry Illinois Institute of Technology
Brittany Peterson Empire
Jenna Peterson Brigham Young University
Colin Petrille Pennsylvania College of Technology
Henry Pham MCCC
Vivian Pham University of the Sciences
Brianna Phelps MCCC
Bridget Phillips Temple University
Morgan Pickersgill MCCC
James Pifer MCCC
Kristina Pilat MCCC
Brittany Polzella Liberty University
Chasity Pondexter MCCC
Joseph Pondolph Bloomsburg University
Pascal Portney Syracuse University
Edward Posavec IV State University of New York Binghamton
Michael Potkovac Juniata College
Ariane Poulin Kutztown University
Matthew Pratt MCCC
Danielle Prestifilippo East Stroudsburg University
Trevor Price Widener University
Elizabeth Prisco The University of Scranton
Valerie Pry Arcadia University
Kristen Pugliese Drexel University
Jill Purcell Duquesne University
Colton Pyne Misericordia University
Sabrina Qawasmy MCCC
Olivia Quatraro Temple University
Meghan Quinn West Virginia University
Nicole Rademan MCCC
Alexa Radtke West Chester University
Sahad Rafiuzzaman MCCC
Myles Ragin Robert Morris University
Zillur Rahim Misericordia University
Stephanie Raimundo Millersville University
Dalton Rainone MCCC
Nicholas Ramocsai Penn State University
Kyle Ramsay Shippensburg University
Devan Randolph Temple University
Shanta Rashid Drexel University
Sean Rauchut MCCC
David Evan Raymond Penn State University
Fatema Razzak Temple University
Brittany Reed MCCC
Emma Reed MCCC
Michael Reed Work Force
Garret Rees MCCC
Shannon Reid Immaculata University
Michael Reinking Continuing Education
Jacob Rhue James Madison University
Elizabeth Ricci Bridgewater College
Michael Richardson University of Pittsburgh
Anna Rider Shippensburg University
Jessica Roberts Philadelphia University
Kenzie Roberts MCCC
Rylie Roberts West Virginia University
Kristian Robinson MCCC
Matthew Robinson La Salle University
Rebecca Robinson MCCC
Kathleem Rodriguez Eastern Nazarene College
Tyler Roetman MCCC
Corey Rogers Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Maria Rollins Pichardo Brigham Young University
Elizabeth Ronan MCCC
Brittany Rorer Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Cory Rosa MCCC
Brittany Rosanova MCCC
Sarina Rose Work Force
Brad Rosenberger University of the Arts
Stephen Rowland MCCC
Jeffrey Russell Penn State University
Sussan Saikali MCCC
Vincent Salkowski Work Force
Rajiv Sambharya University of California-Berkeley
Lucia Sanchez Exchange Student
Peter Sanchez Delaware Valley College
Antwuan Sanders Temple University
Jasmine Sanders MCCC
Evan Santerian MCCC
Kyle Santerian Juniata College
Mark Santerian Mansfield University
Rishabh Sanyal MCCC
Leah Sapp MCCC
Jillian Sarm West Chester University
Pamela Sartori Work Force
Jessica Sauer MCCC
Geoffrey Sauk Penn State University
Alessandra Scavitto West Virginia University
Ryan Schaefer Penn State University
Krystal Schamerhorn Montgomery County Police Academy
Sierra Schempp Eastern University
Greg Schirmer Ohio University
Alexander Schlesinger Penn State University
Danielle Schneider MCCC
Timothy Schneider MCCC
Ryan Schoell Ohio State University
Tyler Schofield MCCC
Nicole Schott Temple University
Ryan Schulze Penn State University
Gabrielle Scotti Temple University
Maya Seeney University of South Carolina
Tabea Seesselberg Exchange Student
Matthew Seiberlich MCCC
Nicholas Seiler University of Maryland
Holly Seipt Messiah College
Spencer Seipt Penn State University
Erica Selheimer Lock Haven University
David Selverian Swarthmore College
YoungYi Seo University of Pittsburgh
Chetan Shah Continuing Education
Harshal Shah University of the Sciences
Mohammed Shamim MCCC
Kokila Shankar Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Dhruva Sharma Penn State University
Tyler Shaw Continuing Education
Hannah Sheehan East Stroudsburg University
Brittany Sheehy East Stroudsburg University
Michael Shepherd Penn State University
David Shepper Temple University
Jeanne Shi Duke University
Connor Shields Work Force
Min Shin Hiram G. Andrews Center
George Shipp West Chester University
Tara Shive Bloomsburg University
Anthony Sholly Penn State University
Haley Sienkiewicz University of Delaware
Sierra Simon University of Pittsburgh
Alexandra Simon University of Maryland
Adam Sindlinger Devry University
Christine Sirianni Bloomsburg University
Amelia Sisko Penn State University
Cyal Siwek Drexel University
Ariel Skovera Drexel University
Dustin Slack MCCC
Brett Slifer Penn State University
Tyler Smink Penn State University
Alexis Smith West Chester University
Ashlee Smith West Virginia University
Austin Smith Kutztown University
Ciara Smith Edinboro University
Emily Smith MCCC
Hayley Smith MCCC
Lauren Smith Marywood University
Michael Smith MCCC
Paul Smith MCCC
Sean Smith MCCC
Stephanie Smith Washington & Jefferson College
Matthew Smyrl Penn State University
Kavit Solanki Penn State University
Nirel Solanki Temple University
Lavinia Soliman Central Saint Martins
Bianca Solis MCCC
Jeremy Solomon Muhlenberg University
Dalia Somaiah MCCC
Taylor Somerville Penn State University
Jiyoon Song Penn State University
Brad Sorman Penn State University
Samantha Souder Towson University
Patrick Spallinger Duquesne University
Christian Sparks Marines
Mike Spencer Penn State University
Gabe Sperring MCCC
Laura Squicciarini Arcadia University
James Stafford Penn State University
Shea Staudenmayer MCCC
Luke Stauring York College of Pennsylvania
Victoria Steinbacher Temple University
Jordyn Steinheiser Ithaca College
Jessica Stella MCCC
Michael Steltz Penn State University
Andrew Stevens Army
Molly Stevens Temple University
Sarah Stinson MCCC
Jenna Stover Coastal Carolina University
Elizabeth Strubinger Penn State University
Sarmin Sultana MCCC
Julianna Supplee Boston University
Paul Suscavage Penn State University
Michael Swanson Penn State University
Shareff Swint MCCC
Corynne Szczepanski Towson University
Ewa Szewczyk MCCC
Julia Szymanski MCCC
Mst Tabassum Drexel University
Amanda Taggart Arcadia University
Minesh Tailor Penn State University
Dejonnay Tart Work Force
Afsara Tasnim La Salle University
Alyssa Tate University of Delaware
Jacqueline Taylor Slippery Rock University
Tieryn Terrell MCCC
Akshay Thevar State University of New York at Albany
Brian Thomas Penn State University
Bryan Thomas Penn State University
Jarrod Thomas Work Force
Bryce Thomas-Trent Full Sail University
Samantha Thompson MCCC
Charles Thomson Continuing Education
Tscharner Thomson Drexel University
Dowreoung Thongsanoy Kaplan Career Institute
Patrick Thornton Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Joshua Throop Continuing Education
Flora Tiblis Bucks County Community College
Kristina Tocco Widener University
Ethan Tomko Ringling College of Art and Design
Rebecca Toto University of Pittsburgh
Ngoc-Lan Tran Penn State University
Sean Tran Temple University
Tony Tran Penn State University
Aspen Trautz Wagner College
Zachary Travis  Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University
Mitchell Trinh Penn State University
Natalie Troyo Air Force
Vania Trujillo MCCC
Jordan Trump Penn State University
Daniel Tsai Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Olivia Turnipseed Grove City College
Gregory Tyree Rochester Institute of Technology
Brittany Tyson Limestone College
Naymat Ullah Drexel University
Emily Van Gulick University of New Hampshire
Zachary Van Orden Penn State University
Annie Vartanian MCCC
Mher Vartanian MCCC
Jessein Varughese Temple University
Ludvin Vasquez MCCC
Brendan Vellner Continuing Education
Justin Veverka Penn State University
Marisa Vinciguerra MCCC
Karlie Vogt MCCC
Jay Vongphachanh MCCC
Carl Vorwerk Penn State University
David Wagner University of Pittsburgh
Jessica Wagner MCCC
Kevin Waldman MCCC
Callie Waldron Temple University
Alexa Wallace Temple University
Meghan Wallace Shippensburg University
Dylan Wallis MCCC
Francis Walsh Penn State University
Bryan Walter Shippensburg University
Hayley Walter Arcadia University
Jason Wambold MCCC
Morgan Wardwell-Gaw MCCC
Jade Warren Gwynedd-Mercy College
Ricky Washington Lansdale School of Business
Jacob Wassermann List College
Samantha Wethey Work Force
Candace Weiler Work Force
Andrew Weir Navy
Timothy Weisbein Temple University
Barbara Weiss Work Force
Brady West Misericordia University
Avery Weston Universal Technical Institute
Nana Weston Exchange Student
Kristen Wheary Work Force
Marisa Wherry Ithaca College
Taja White Shippensburg University
Lindsay Widdis Kutztown University
Mark Wierman Pennsylvania College of Technology
Morgan Wiernusz York College of Pennsylvania
Carlton Wiggins MCCC
Curran Williamson Work Force
Robert Williamson West Virginia University
Kaitlyn Wilson Shippensburg University
Caleb Witzaney Penn State University
Jake Wolff University of Delaware
Brianna Wozniak West Chester University
Adam Wreath Penn State University
Preston Wrubleski Bloomsburg University
Victoria Wu Penn State University
Ashley Wurst MCCC
Lijia Xie Harvard University
Nicholas Yacopino Bloomsburg University
Levi Yang MCCC
Jesse Yarmolyuk MCCC
Brenda Yazujian Marist College
Seth Yeretzian Pennsylvania College of Technology
Christine Yi Penn State University
Adam Yoosufali MCCC
Vasna Yorn Lansdale School of Business
Christopher You University of Pittsburgh
Christopher Young MCCC
Hannah Young Salisbury University
Je Yun The Art Institute of Philadelphia
Jessica Yun Penn State University – Schreyer’s Honors
Christopher Zanoni University of Pittsburgh
Matthew Zarenkiewicz Villanova University
Amanda Zavala MCCC
Rebecca Zeber-fox Continuing Education
Tracy Zelnick West Chester University
Michelle Zeng New York University
Jillian Zhong New York University
Brianna Zigler Penn State University
Nicholas Zsitkovsky California University of Pennsylvania
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